Upholding Innovation & Quality: The PurePitch® Shelf Life

At White Labs, our purpose is to ensure you are provided the very best products for your fermentations. With 22 years of experience working with more than 700 in-house banked strains, we’ve trialed various propagation methods and packaging processes, tested strains on a lab scale and brewed with them on our 24-hectoliter brewhouse. As leaders in fermentation, we are transparent with our findings and seek to gain a greater understanding of how different strains perform under various conditions.

Through these tests and trials, our FlexCell™ technology and PurePitch® packaging were developed. These innovations guarantee the highest viability and vitality in the industry. Our non-invasive packaging results in zero oxygen pickup, which ensures the maintenance of yeast cell glycogen and allows them to remain viable for months when stored at the appropriate temperature. Our yeast is checked at 36 QC points during the production cycle to confirm it’s free of contaminants and ultimately leaves our facility within 90 days of clearing QC.

By accessing the QC data for each package online at Yeastman.com, you can view the “QC Release Date” which is the date your yeast cleared QC as well as the “Best Before” date which is the date we suggest you use the yeast for optimal fermentations. The “Best Before” date comes from hundreds of internal trials, ultimately showing that after five months in PurePitch® packaging the average viability of first generation yeast remains at more than 79%. Essentially, all yeast passes QC at 95% or higher viability, and there is only a 3.2% decrease in viability month-over-month.

Average viability of PurePitch® pure liquid yeast over a period of six months:



1 month


2 month


3 month


4 months


5 months


6 months


Having the knowledge and data to share this information with you is something we take pride in providing, as the transparency of our processes has always been an important staple of our business. If you have any questions about your yeast, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at [email protected]. We’re here and happy to serve our valued customers!


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