White Labs kosher certified

We are happy to announce that our house yeast strains and enzymes produced in San Diego and Davis, Calif. facilities have been certified kosher by STAR-K. The official kosher certification logo, a star with a “K” inside, may now be seen on the back of all U.S. produced product packaging.

The STAR-K Kosher Certification is a guarantee that White Labs house yeast strains and enzyme ingredients meet all kosher requirements. Currently, only house yeast strains and enzymes manufactured at the San Diego and Davis facilities are certified kosher. Strains and enzymes manufactured in the company’s Copenhagen, Denmark facility are currently being evaluated for certification. Private strains that are banked with White Labs are not currently kosher certified but if requested, may be certified at no charge. Products are certified only when bearing the star K symbol.

All processes and ingredients are consistent with production before the certification, there is no difference in the product or quality of the yeast strains or enzymes now that they have been certified kosher.

The specific products that are covered can be found on the Kosher Certfication that is attached to the following page---


-- As reported in the White Labs monthly newsletter

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where can I find this or can I order directly from you? does this include all of your strains of yeast?

The Kosher Certification is attached to the following page (the attachment identifies the prodocts that are certified)----


-Mike White, White Labs