Lab Supplies

Methylene Blue Stain MA1420

Stain essential for viability testing. Dead yeast cells stain bright blue. Contains 50ml (Must be refrigerated). Best used within 6 months.

Price: $9.50

Microscope Kit MA1400

Contains parts necessary to do routine microscope analysis: Hemocytometer, methylene blue stain, microscope slips, cover slips, immersion oil, lens paper and hand counter. Save almost 10% by ordering complete kit. Individual Items MA1410-MA1470.

Price: $142.01

Sterile Disposable 15 ml Vials LW2940

with cap. Tray of 50 vials

Price: $13.37

Sterile Disposable 50 ml Vials LW2920

with cap. Bag of 25 vials

Price: $12.60

Type B Immersion Oil 1 oz. MA1450

This oil is a high viscosity oil used in biomedical microscopy. Must be used with your high powered (100x) Immersion Oil, objective to increase their light gathering power Essential for viewing bacteria.

Price: $21.00