Test Kits

MA1500 Gram Stain Kit

Includes one 50ml bottle of crystal violet, Grams iodine, decolorizer and Safranin, which enables one to test for the presence of Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria. Kit also contains 2 Gram check slides with controls. Please specify glove...

Price: $15.75

TK3010 Brewery Contaminants Kit

This kit contains all of the items needed to identify beer contaminants in your brewery. The kit is good for up to 5 samples. Kit includes: sterile tubes with rack, isopropanol, HLP media, SDA media, LCSM media, sterile spreaders, sterile water,...

Price: $131.25

TK3100 White Labs HLP Test Kit

Test for anaerobic beer spoilage organisms (Lactobacillus & Pediococcus). Requires use of a microwave. Will test 5 samples and one control.

Price: $54.86