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SIT0021 Comprehensive – w/ Protein analysis

Most comprehensive testing for packaged beer- includes protein Includes alcohol by volume and weight, original extract, attenuation, acidity, pH,SO2, IBU, color, specific gravity, real and apparent extract, calories, Co2 and Air, protein

Price: $200

SIT0031 Comprehensive - Flavor Profile

Diacetyl, 2,3 pentanedione, ethyl acetate, 1-propanol, acetaldehyde, isoamyl alcohol, isoamyl acetate, ethyl octanoate, ethyl hexanoate, acetone, methanol, isobutanol  Method: Gas Chromatography Results expressed in ppm

Price: $214

SIT0033 Acetaldehyde

Method: Gas Chromatography Results expressed in ppm.  Analyte included in the following panels:  LS3450 Distillation Profile by Gas Chromatography SIT0031 Comprehensive Flavor Profile 

Price: $64

SIT0040 Total Acidity

Results expressed as % Lactic Acid Method:Titration  Analyte included in the following panels: SIT0011 Comprehensive Analysis for Packaged Beer  SIT0021 Comprehensive Analysis for Packaged Beer w/ Protein

Price: $24

SIT0050 Alcohol, extract and calculated values

Analysis includes ABV, ABW, real extract, attenuation, original extract, calories, pH, color Method: Anton Paar Alcolyzer and DMA5000   

Price: $55

SIT0070 Bitterness Units (IBU)

Measure the true amount of IBUs in a product compared to your calculated values Results expressed in: BU (Bitterness Units) Method:ASBC - Spectrophotometer Analyte also included in the following panels:  LS6620 Complete QC Analysis SIT0001 Fast...

Price: $39

SIT0080 Calcium

Method: ICP  Results expressed in PPM  

Price: $36

SIT0090 Total Carbohydrates

Method: ASBC-Calculation from Extract, Protein, and Ash.  Results reported in g/12 oz Analyte included in the following panel: LS6644 Nutritional Beer Analysis

Price: $66

SIT0091 Carbohydrate Sugar Profile By HPLC

This analysis give a break down of unfermentables (carbohydrates) in beer or wort sample. Analysis provides the amount of dextrins, maltotriose, maltose, glucose, and glycerol. Results expressed in % Method: HPLC

Price: $287