Wine Yeast - Basic Information

What makes White Labs Liquid Yeast Different?

Liquid yeast has many advantages over dried yeast. The variety of liquid strains is much greater, but what's most important is the flavor profile. Most home winemakers would agree that wine made with liquid yeast is superior in flavor. Liquid yeast is also supplied in smaller quantities. To make home winemaking even easier, White Labs produces vials of liquid yeast culture that is ready to inoculate the juice.

What do home winemakers and retailers say about White Labs liquid yeast?

White Labs liquid wine yeast is similar to their beer yeasts. They enhance the flavor profile and the wine fermentation starts quicker than with dry yeast, which leaves less chance for bacterial contamination. After the customer selects the ingredients for their wine, we ask "Would you like live yeast?" and then select the proper yeast for their ingredients and wine varietals – Gary Wilder, Brew Your Own Brew, Tucson, AZ

We did an experiment. We chose one red and one white making two batches of each. One batch was made with dry yeast supplied with the kit and the other batch was made with White Labs liquid yeast. The wines made with the liquid yeast were much smoother, aged quicker and were overall easier drinking. – Robert Christian, The Beer Essentials, Tacoma, WA