Yeast Bank

1-100°F (-17-38°C)
Wild Yeast & Bacteria Styles

Gose (Wild Yeast & Bacteria)

This German wheat ale can use salt and corriander as an adjunct. A quick zippy acidity is created from the use of lactic acid producing bacteria.

Berliner Weisse (Wild Yeast & Bacteria)

Low alcohol German wheat beer with a balanced lactic sourness. Low Brettanomyces character and no hop presence.

Flanders Red (Wild Yeast & Bacteria)

Bready, tannic, fruity, sour beer with slight acetic acid production which leads to a characteristic vinegar note.

Flanders Brown (Wild Yeast & Bacteria)

Also known as an Oude Bruin, this sour brown ale has a slight acetic acid vinegar note acompanied by lactic acids. No hop aroma and bitterness although oak tannin can lend a slight bitterness of its own.

Lambic (Wild Yeast & Bacteria)

Light colored beer with a prominent sour and barnyard earthy funky quality. Lambic is traditionally served still with no carbonation.

Geuze (Wild Yeast & Bacteria)

Gueze is a blend of 1,2, and 3 year lambic served with a high volume of carbonation.