Pinnacle M Distillers Yeast Blue

  • Distilling


Very High (15%+)

An active dried yeast well-suited for use in malt-based fermentations. It rapidly consumes maltose and produces a flavorful spirit. This yeast product can be applied in a variety of malt mashes. Yeast can be either pitched directly to the attemperated mash or rehydrated.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Yeast can be added directly to a fermenter at a dose rate of between 0.5 and 0.9 kilograms per 1000 litres (1 and 4 pounds per 1000 gallons).

Pinnacle M Distillers Yeast Blue Tech Sheet

  • Part No: WLDPINNACLE M Blue 500G
  • Part Name: Pinnacle M Distillers Yeast Blue
  • Category: Yeast
  • Packaging: 500g
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