Tasting Room Data In-Depth

The White Labs Tasting Room Data pages provide a wealth of information about White Labs beers and yeast since the Tasting Room opened in 2012. Now we are expanding the data we provide by producing more in-depth charts related to the yeast that is used for our beers.

Installment #2: Best of Both Worlds

Yeast. Why choose only one? The brewing world has been locked into a single yeast strain mind set since the Danish scientist, Emil Christian Hansen isolated a single yeast culture on November 12, 1883. One beer, one yeast. It’s an old mantra. White Labs challenges the notion and offers several yeast blends. The latest, in collaboration with MoreBeer!, White Labs has released a blend of WLP001 California Ale Yeast and WLP002 English Ale Yeast. This blend brings the best of both worlds to the fermentation, and was added to the catalog as WLP200 Best of Both Worlds, available exclusively through MoreBeer! Read about the testing conclusions of this yeast strain, with charts, and learn the differences between using this blend compared to using the strains by themselves, here.

Installment #1: Our Core Beers

Buchner Pale Ale Spec Sheet

DeClerck Dubbel Spec Sheet

Hansen Hefeweizen Spec Sheet

Leeuwenhoek Saison Spec Sheet

Pasteur Porter Spec Sheet

Tabberer India Pale Ale Spec Sheet