Get Trippy with WLP6420 Acid Tripp

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Date : April 17, 2023
Author : White Labs


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For the first time, Tripping Animals Brewing in Doral, FL is giving you access to one of their hottest house strains! We’re so excited to partner with our passionate and creative friends at Tripping Animals to bring you WLP6420 Acid Tripp, the ultimate blend of organisms perfect for your next kettle sour. 

This proprietary house blend is used in all of Tripping Animals’ renowned sour ales, and is now available to you!

This culture is unlike any other and offers an extraordinarily complex flavor profile resulting in balanced acidity with moderate tropical and pomme fruit aromas. This complexity allows for a range of flavor profiles that can be achieved depending on how it is blended with other yeasts or added to different beer styles.  

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Check out our interview with Tripping Animals to hear more about their strain!

Who is Tripping Animals?

Tripping Animals is a family owned craft brewery based in Doral, Florida, that focuses on creating unique and innovative beer styles using high-quality ingredients and creative techniques.

After opening in 2018, Tripping Animals quickly became one of the most well-known and sought-after breweries in the United States. Now having collaborated with some of the “hottest” breweries around the country, Tripping Animals established itself as a creative brew-haven reaching far outside their cherished community in Doral.


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Why partner with White Labs?

Partnering with White Labs allows us to access their expertise in yeast cultivation and distribution, as well as their state-of-the-art facilities for testing and analysis. This partnership has allowed us to develop and share WLP6420 Acid Tripp to brewers around the world!

What makes WLP6420 Acid Tripp special? It's Great Souring Versatility 

Its unique ability to provide a complex and fruity acidity to sour beers, while also being versatile enough to be used in a range of beer styles in a very short period of time. An extremely quick pH drop, souring is typically achieved in less than 24 hours, dropping the wort from a pH of ~5 to ~3.5.

The versatility of the WLP6420 Acid Tripp allows it to be used in a variety of beer styles, including sour beers, Belgian styles, and even Sour IPAs. At Tripping Animals Brewing, we have used the strain as a base for all of our sour beers, and have also experimented with blending it with other yeasts to create unique flavor profiles.

Any advice when using WLP6420 Acid Tripp?

When using the WLP6420 Acid Tripp, it's important to monitor the pH levels of the beer to ensure the desired level of acidity is achieved. Additionally, it's recommended to use a starter culture to ensure a healthy fermentation. The optimum acidification and fermentation temperature range is between 40-43℃/105-110℉ and typically sours the wort within ~24 hours. It is recommended to add hops after the lactic acid fermentation so the organisms are not inhibited. 

What sort of things are you excited to see from brewers using WLP6420 Acid Tripp?

We are excited to see brewers use WLP6420 Acid Tripp to create their own unique sour beers, and to see how they blend it with other yeasts to achieve different flavor profiles. It will be interesting to see what creations of different beer styles and flavor combinations brewers will think of using this strain.