Our Yeast

Our Yeast

Making the best liquid yeast, services and education accessible to professionals and enthusiasts

What began as homebrewers searching for higher quality yeast quickly grew into a team of dedicated biochemists exploring new ways to advance brewing altogether. Today, White Labs stands at the intersection of science, education and craft. Constantly striving for perfection, and in the process, continually raising the bar in the art of fermentation.

Every day, we set out on a single mission: to stretch the limits of science in order to set new standards in purity and freshness. From the industry’s first pitchable liquid yeast, to a complete revolution in the way it’s propagated and packaged, our innovative spirit is tireless. Our belief is that creating the best products goes hand-in-hand with making the best use of them. This has inspired a culture of education and collaboration with brewers, distillers and winemakers the world over.

Happy yeast equals better beer.

Never settling for “good enough,” our innovative spirit continues to advance the craft of fermentation, guaranteeing products that defy the status quo. We fuel the brewing community by offering new product innovations, educational resources, and a collaborative atmosphere – empowering brewers to make the best beer possible.


Top 5 Benefits of White Labs Liquid Yeast
  1. Selection. The expansive variety of strains with Core and specialty cultures allows you to craft any beer style, NA beer, and non-beer beverages.

  2. High Viability & Vitality.  Because of our 21-day process, we make yeast resulting in big plump cells full of nutrients and healthy cell membranes great for sustained viability and reuse.

  3. Flavor. Distinct aromas and complex flavors due to the health and viability

  4. Flocculation. Predictable flocculation patterns, even after multiple reuses. This results from robust cell membranes with intact flocculation proteins, leading to efficient flocculation.

  5. Modular Sizes Resulting in Optimal Pitching Rate. Precise and standardized cell counts based on scientific data for a foolproof fermentation every time.  Modular packages allow customizable calculations for pitch rates to meet your every need.

    Always store the yeast at temperatures between 36°F to 40°F (2°C–4°C) and follow the recommended best by dates for optimal performance, 5-7 months from QC clear. Keep yeast in the refrigerator until needed. Remove yeast at least two hours before pitching, so the slurry can come close to room temperature. To inoculate, sanitize, twist cap, and pitch. An opened pouch, if refrigerated, can be used until its best by date. DO NOT FREEZE

Top 5 Benefits of White Labs Dry Yeast
  1. High Live Cell Count.  Over 3 billion live cells per gram, along with extra nutrition and sterols from cell membrane content of non-viable cells.

  2. Convenience of Production Planning. Extensive shelf life (12-24 months from production date) makes scheduling, planning, and those unforeseen issues stress-free.

  3. Available Anywhere You Brew. White Labs Yeast will now be available for global brewers who had challenges importing liquid yeast, with straightforward and more affordable delivery in dry format. 

  4. Easy to Use.  Straightforward pitch rates and no rehydration is necessary for a hassle-free fermentation. 

  5. Gluten-Free.  Propagated on beet molasses and is 100% gluten-free.

    All dry yeast should be stored refrigerated to maintain 36°F to 40°F (2°C-4°C) the appropriate shelf life. Dry yeast can be used up to the expiration date printed on the package, 2 years from production date. Once a pack is opened, use the yeast as quickly as possible. An opened pack must be stored refrigerated and used within one week. A re-sealed vacuumed and refrigerated pack can be kept until the end of its shelf life. DO NOT FREEZE


The White Labs Difference


Whether liquid or dry, White Labs believes in the best cultures possible, and that is the White Labs Difference.  With any White Labs product, you can always expect:

  • Uncompromising Quality

  • Value You Can Count On

  • Premium Technical Support 

Size Information

Our yeast package sizes include:
  • PurePitch® Next Generation  Professional 
  • Professional (1.75L; Intended for 5 BBL and above)
  • Nano (350mL; Intended for 1 to 3 BBL)
  • Nano Bundle (70mL x 5; Intended for 1 to 3 BBL)
  • PurePitch® Next Generation Homebrew  (70mL; Intended for 5 Gal)
  • White Labs Dry Yeast (Available in 500g Pro & 11g Homebrew sizes)
  • PurePitch® Custom Pour (Minimum 500mL)
Along with the package itself, we have updated our online pitch rate calculator at www.yeastman.com to help customers dial in their pitch rate and package needs with a well-defined recommendation for the number of pouches needed, based on beer style, batch size, temperature and gravity to ensure the ideal pitch rate.
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