Zinc Buddy™

  • Part No: WLN4700
  • Category: Nutrients

Sterile & Ready-to-use, Cold-side Zinc Solution for Improved Yeast Health and Better Fermentations.


Zinc Buddycomes as a ready-to-use solution that takes the guesswork out of your cold-side zinc additions.  Sterilized and acidified to ensure maximum solubility and uptake, Zinc Buddy™ makes your cold-side process easy enough to use on every batch. Just add with your pitching yeast and ensure proper homogenization.  

Yeast At Its Best

Zinc Buddy stimulates protein synthesis and yeast growth, resulting in the improvement of yeast viability and overall yeast health, allowing for more robust yeast for repitching:

  • > 5% increase in viability of harvested yeast

  • Better flocculation, resulting in a 10-15% denser cell concentration at harvest 

Your Best Beer

Zinc Buddy™ promotes the uptake of maltose and maltotriose, resulting in:

  • Increased attenuation, up to 95% on all-malt beers

  • Beer reaches terminal gravity in 1-2 fewer days, for most ales 

  • Beer clarifies faster

  • Improved beer sensory: lower diacetyl, lower sulfur, faster dry hop rest (due to hop creep).

Effective & Efficient

Cold-side additions of zinc ensure the most availability of mineral zinc, making utilization by yeast that much more efficient on the cold side.

What is the concentration of Zinc Buddy™?

  • WLN4700-1L Pro 2000 ppm zinc 


What is the dosage?

  • Pro 

This achieves 0.2 ppm zinc in cold wort at pitching time.  It is assumed the wort has 0.1 ppm, so the total target starting  Zinc is 0.3 ppm.  Use the same for ales and lagers, in every batch. 

Directions for Use:

Mix well before using.  Spray cap with isopropanol or sanitizer and loosen.  Carefully pour the desired volume of zinc solution directly into the fermentor before knockout, to ensure adequate homogenization in wort.  Clean up any spillage with isopropanol or sanitizer and replace cap.  

Since the solution is pre-sterilized, be sure to use proper aseptic technique when handling.

When should I add Zinc Buddy for Multi-fills?

If a tank is filled in one day, all of Zinc Buddy for the total tank volume goes in when the FV is 2/3 full. If it is filled over multiple days, dose with each fill step.


How do you store/What is the shelf life?

Store at ambient temperature.  Shelf life is 3 years from the packaging date.

Is the solution pH important?

Yes!  The low pH (4.0) helps the zinc salt remain soluble in solution, providing the most optimal delivery to yeast cells. If zinc isn’t soluble, it can’t efficiently be taken up by yeast.


How is this different than Servomyces?

Servomyces   is yeast grown in the presence of high concentrations of zinc. The yeast is then killed, and the zinc that is incorporated into the yeast cell walls is transferred to your yeast effectively.  Servomyces   can also be used at the end of the boil because the cells protect the zinc from being attracted to the hot break trub. 

Servomyces Zinc Concentration: 50,000 ppm zinc
Dosage rate: 1 g/HL
This achieves 0.5 ppm zinc in your yeast.  

Why would I use Zinc Buddy™ instead of Servomyces?

Zinc Buddy™ is pre-sterilized and can be pitched directly to the cold side. With Servomyces, getting the nutrient in solution can be troublesome so we recommend adding it to the whirlpool or 5-10 minutes end of boil.


Zinc Buddy™ is an alternative if you are not already using Servomyces, providing you with an additional 0.2ppm zinc, for a total of 0.3ppm in wort. 
Servomyces can be used at higher concentrations than mineral zinc (0.5ppm vs. 0.2ppm), this is why Servomyces gives you the best results.  Mineral zinc at higher concentrations can sometimes lead to off-flavors.


WLN4700 Safety Data Sheet
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