White Labs is the industry leader in quality with 38 quality checkpoints for every single strain. The same quality and care you trust, since 1995.


With 79 Core strains and countless more in the Vault, White Labs has a strain for every beer whether you’re using a trusty workhorse like WLP001 California Ale Yeast or experimenting with something new and rare in the Vault. 


Our teams are passionate about what we do – a combination of Departments from Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Microbiology, Production, Packaging, White Labs Brewing Co, White Labs Analytical Laboratory, Education, and R&D are dedicated to making the best yeast possible.  This drives our mission to help our customers make the best beer, wine, and spirits in the world, from 5 gallons to 500 barrels, every time.
Through our Research & Development team, White Labs has done extensive research on the differences between dry yeast and liquid yeast. Yeast contributes more than 500 flavor and aroma compounds and the use of lab-grown, high-quality liquid yeast creates a cleaner, more complex final product.

All White Labs yeast comes with a guarantee that each culture has met our strict quality control standards.

PurePitch® Next Generation, an evolution of White Labs’ PurePitch® – the most superior and consistent yeast on the market – has been made even better with new packaging powered by FlexCell® Technology for ease of use and a pitch rate resulting in a foolproof fermentation every time.

PurePitch® Next Generation combines the ease of a bottle and the innovation of PurePitch®, offering a modular pouch with a cap and a consistent cell concentration intended to pitch at 7.5 million cells/ mL; a commercially recommended pitching rate to ensure a foolproof fermentation.

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PurePitch® Next Generation is made to contain 2.15 billion cell/mL in every package.

A professional-sized modular design to pitch 5 HL of standard beer at a rate of 7.5 million cells/mL. No matter the strain, PurePitch® Next Generation gives customers a consistent cell count to more accurately pitch for a foolproof fermentation.

Scale up with Ease and Customize Your Pitch Rate based on your batch specifics

Yeastman calculator graphic

Working with high gravity brews or lower fermentation temperatures?

​Our online calculator at allows you to see the exact recommendation for you using your volume, temperature, and gravity. Allowing you to customize the pitch rate to anything you want, larger or smaller!

Our yeast package sizes include:
  • PurePitch® Next Generation = 1.75L
  • PurePitch® Classic/Organic (Only Available through WL Copenhagen) = 2L
  • PurePitch® Nano = 500mL
  • PurePitch® Homebrew  = 35-50mL
  • PurePitch® Custom Pour
Along with the package itself, we have updated our online pitch rate calculator at to help customers dial in their pitch rate and package needs with a well-defined recommendation for the number of pouches needed, based on beer style, batch size, temperature and gravity to ensure the ideal pitch rate.

PurePitch® Next Generation is made to contain 2.15 billion cells/mL in every package.
PurePitch® Next Generation is currently available in an optimized and convenient 1.75L size. A modular design to result in one pouch is a pitch 5 HL of standard beer at a rate of 7.5 million cells/mL. Providing flexibility for customers to achieve a customizable and more effective pitch rate for any batch size and fermentation condition.No matter the strain, PPNG provides consistent cell counts for consistent fermentations.

PurePitch® Classic/Organic (Only Available through WL Copenhagen) is made to contain 1.8 to 2.8 billion cells/mL in every package.
Yeast should be stored in the refrigerator prior to use. Remove the yeast from the refrigerator approximately two to six hours before pitching and allow the yeast to come up to room temperature. The reason for this is to prevent a temperature shock when the yeast is pitched.
PurePitch® Next Generation is made to contain 2.15 billion cell/mL in every package, with a modular design to pitch at a rate of 7.5 million cells/mL.
PurePitch® Next Generation gives customers a consistent cell count to more accurately pitch for a foolproof fermentation. We’ve also made it easier to customize pitch rates using the online pitch rate calculator at  Get recommendations for the number of pouches needed based on beer style, batch size, temperature and gravity to ensure the ideal pitch rate.

Scale up with Ease and Customize Your Pitch Rate based on your batch specifics

Yeastman calculator graphic

Working with high gravity brews or lower fermentation temperatures?



For specific information on lots, you can look up the QC sheet: Click Here
PurePitch® (Organic available in WL Copenhagen) is made to contain 1.8 to 2.8 billion cells/mL in every package.

We’ve also made it easier for customers to manage pitch rates by updating our online pitch rate calculator at to give customers a well-defined recommendation for the number of pouches needed, based on beer style, batch size, temperature and gravity to ensure the ideal pitch rate.

For specific information on lots, you can look up the QC sheet: Click Here

To ensure the yeast is in optimal physiological condition for the best flavor production, highest viability, and multiple reuses, White Labs yeast utilizes a 21-day growth and testing program.

Our yeast cultures are lot controlled, go thru 38 points of verified quality checks, and end with our complete QC toolkit of every lot after final packaging.

Certificate of Analysis with detailed data, including cell count, yeast viability, and microbiological verification, are available for every lot and package size, imbedded in a QR code on the package and stored on
We always encourage customers to do their own testing as well, as should be done on all ingredients and batches, but we want to give customers the confidence of knowing the quality control we perform at White Labs. 

Quality Parameters
  • Adhering to industry-standard American Society of Brewing Chemist (ASBC) methods, White Labs’ monitors our yeast ranging from parameters of

    • Culture Purity

    • pH

    • Attenuation

    • Microbiological Contaminants

    • Accurate and Precise Cell Counts


Testing for the STA1 (Diastatic) gene in our strains

All of our strains have been identified as either STA1+ or STA1- strains via PCR techniques. All strains are tested on LCSM wild yeast media which can easily detect STA1+ contamination. Additionally, molecular techniques, such as qPCR, are being used to detect STA1+ yeast in our cultures.

There are many ways to make yeast. With more than 25 years of scientific exploration and technological innovation in fermentation under our belt, we know our controlled process results in the highest quality yeast with optimum cell mass and physiology.
While you can create high levels of cell mass in a fast propagation, superior yeast physiology is only achieved through a slow and controlled growth process. 

Our 21-day growth process along with our 38 points of verified quality checks provides optimum cell physiology and performance, such as high glycogen content, which is critical for flavor, fermentation, and long-term yeast health, especially for customers reusing yeast for multiple generations.

The Aseptic Transfer System was designed in conjunction with PurePitch® Next Generation and offers brewers a new and affordable way to pitch first-generation yeast inline.  Together, the Aseptic Transfer System and PurePitch® Next Generation provide a safer, cleaner, and more efficient way to pitch.
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THE VAULT® is a collection of specialty strains curated over the 25 years White Labs has been in business. Now, with more ways to order! 

Homebrew and Retail Preorders        

Homebrewers and Retailers can pre-order the Vault homebrew strains on yeastman.comWhen we hit 150 pre-orders we will put the specialty strain into production! Make sure to look for strains in inventory on and take advantage of our specialty seasonal releases for homebrewers throughout the year. 

Professional Vault Orders

Professional brewers are able to order the Vault specialty strains at any time, with a 21 day lead time if not in stock. Have you tried a Vault strain in your brewery? Give us your feedback!

Seasonal Releases from The Vault

The Vault offers homebrew retailers (in the U.S. and Internationally) an opportunity to carry The Vault Seasonal Releases. Every quarter of 2021 homebrewers will have the opportunity to purchase two exclusive, pre-determined strains at participating retailers. Each seasonal release will be packaged exclusively in vials with new specially designed branding for The Vault.

For a list of our seasonal releases: Click Here
Please refer to our Basic of Yeast Handling: Click Here
  • Breweries and pros can purchase through or by contacting customer service.
  • Stores and homebrewers can purchase through under the yeast strains and the tab bar stores, or pre-order specialty strains from Vault Preorder.

White Labs yeast is available in many countries through our distribution network. Homebrewers worldwide can find a list of homebrew stores in their area via the White Labs mobile app.
For commercial customers and stores, White Labs offers FedEx overnight and 2-day shipping to most locations and FedEx International Priority outside of the 50 states. We offer alternative shipping methods upon request or when orders are placed on; such as UPS and DHL (international only).

Boxes are insulated and contain gel ice packs for ideal transit and delivery temperatures.

Please place in refrigerated conditions immediately upon arrival.

Domestic homebrew store orders are shipped Wednesday for Friday delivery. Alternative ship days are available upon request or when orders are placed on Professional Brewery orders are shipped domestically, Monday through Thursday, and internationally on Thursday, Friday or Monday.
Beer can be tested by White Labs' TTB-certified third-party analytical lab. Tests are conducted using the strictest standards employing methods prescribed by the American Society of Brewing Chemists and AOAC. White Labs conducts tests and delivers results in a prompt manner, providing customers with information that is both timely and accurate.

For more information about White Labs' Analytical Lab Services: Click Here
White Labs offers yeast banking for professional brewers, wineries, and distilleries wanting to isolate, store and propagate proprietary yeast strains.

We analyze the yeast, conduct a variety of microbial tests, monitor fermentation of the original culture to ensure optimal performance, and cryogenically freeze it for your future use.

White Labs maintains strict confidentiality and proprietorship with any strains that are banked and no strain information will be released to outside parties without expressed written consent.

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The Customer Club is our homebrew loyalty program.

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White Labs is proud to support charity events and homebrew competitions around the globe. If you are hosting an event that benefits a charity or homebrew club, please complete the Donation Application Form.

Please allow up to 14 business days for us to review and respond to your request. We will notify you of our decision via email. Please note that requests must be made at least six weeks prior to the event date to be considered.

To find the Donation Application Form: Click Here
In order to maintain viability and vitality of our yeast cultures, stored yeast must remain cold in order to limit metabolic activity.
The shade of the yeast can vary between lots due to the wort used in the production of that specific lot as well as where the propagation vessel lies in the filling process.

Some lots may be darker than others due to the protein or trub content, but the health and viability of the yeast are not affected.

Every package of yeast that leaves our facilities falls within our acceptable SRM range, so you can rest assured that regardless of the color, your yeast is healthy and biting at the chance to ferment your wort.
Here's our helpful beer matrix poster to help decide on your next strain! Click Here
Shipping is calculated based on a percentage of the order total or if the order is small, there is a minimum shipping charge that can vary depending on the carrier of choice.

There is no difference in charge based on where the product is shipping from.

***If you are within Ground radius from either San Diego or Asheville, this would be the cheapest option shipping-wise. You can make this choice in order via Yeastman.
***Otherwise, we recommend 2-day for retailers and overnight for professional breweries.
Unfortunately, shipping delays can occur based on weather, mechanical issues, or an increase in the number of packages going through a particular hub.

If delivery of your order is delayed for some reason, please make sure that the parcel is inspected once it finally arrives at the destination address.

We can replace or credit any item that is damaged in shipping as long as we are notified and emailed to [email protected] within 30 days of the order shipping.

*Most of the time a 1 or 2-day delay will not be harmful to the viability of the yeast, thanks to our insulated packaging!
If ordering via Yeastman, brewers will see the soonest availability dates in their order if the yeast is currently out of stock. 

To inquire about restock dates for homebrew and to place a backorder, please email, chat, or call 1-888-593-2785. From that point, we can set up a backorder of the out-of-stock items, or you can place them on your next homebrew order, whichever is preferred.

There is no minimum order quantity required, however, to make the most of your homebrew yeast order, for stores we recommend ordering at least 25 units of homebrew packages to trigger the first price break.

Price breaks per package for retailers are as follows, for more inquiries please email [email protected].
  • 1-24 Packages
  • 25-48 Packages
  • 49-144 Packages
  • 145-432 Packages
  • 433+ Packages