White Labs Team

Executive Team

Chris White, Ph.D
President, Founder, and CEO
Lisa White
Vice President
Neva Parker
Director of Operations
Troels Prahl
Vice President of Innovation & European Operations
Kathryn Small
Special Project Manager & Executive to Chris White
Patricia Pinner
Executive Assistant to Lisa White


John Goehring
Director of Finance
Julia Miller
HR Generalist
Ellen Beutel
Staff Accountant
Joana Gallarzo
Accounts Payable Specialist
Arielle Clevenger
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Jessica Ratcliffe
Accounts Receivable Specialist

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Technology

Katie Skow
Head of Sales & Customer Loyalty
JoAnne Carilli-Stevenson
Head of Business Development
Mike White
Vice President of Customer Technology
James Eggleston
Graphic Design & Traffic Coordinator
Todd Charles
Creative Design Specialist
Meagan Douches
Marketing Coordinator
Kim Derr
Territory Account Manager West Coast
Pablo Gomez
Technical Account Manager Southeast & Latin America
Jordan Boinest
Territory Account Manager Northeast
Heidi Lewis
Customer Service Supervisor
Jennifer Martin
Customer Service Representative


Erik Fowler
Education & Engagement Manager
Jo Doyle
Education & Engagement Curator - Asheville
Jacob Hoover
Education & Engagement Curator- San Diego


Karen Fortmann, Ph.D
Senior Scientist
Aaron Gonzales
Project Implementation Specialist
Devin Tani
R&D Technician

Laboratory Operations

Kara Taylor
Head of Laboratory Operations
Kelly Maher
SD Production Lab Supervisor
Stephanie McKinley
SD Yeast Bank Specialist
Katie Gardner
SD Analytical Lab Supervisor
Mary Daniel
AVL Lab Supervisor
Luis Gonzalez
SD Production Lab Lead Technician
Janice Tran
SD Lab Technician I
Bradley Ballucanag
SD Lab Technician
Kristan Martinez
SD Analytical Lab Technician
Tyler Perry
AVL Lab Technician


Brent Pratte
SD Site Quality Engineer
Richard Marraccini
AVL Document Control Specialist


Joe Kurowski
Head of Brewing Operations
Jerry Gould
Lead Brewer
Ryan Kurosawa
Assistant Brewer
Christian Batch
Assistant Brewer
Isaac Guzman
Assistant Brewer

AVL Yeast Production

Ashley Pennington
AVL Production Lead
Eric Hill
AVL Production Technician
Colleen Chabot
AVL Production Technician

SD Yeast Production

Dominic Montoya
SD Yeast Production Manager
Jorge Curiel
SD Production Lead
Bernabe Cedillo
SD Production Technician
Felipe Vargas Lopez
SD Production Technician
Renante McConnell
SD Production Technician
Alberto Martinez
SD Production Technician
Richard Hart
SD Production Technician
Juan Rivera
SD Vessel Assembly
Jesus Avina
SD Production Technician
Charlotte Lopez
SD Vessel Assembly
Andrew Diaz
SD Production Technician
Danniel Ramos
SD Vessel Assembly
Ansony Moreno
SD Production Technician
Jorge Gallego
SD Production Technician

AVL Fulfillment

Harry Rice
AVL Fulfillment Supervisor
Zakery Horton
AVL Fulfillment Lead
John Canupp
AVL Fulfillment Technician
Joel Clark
AVL Fulfillment Technician

SD Fulfillment

Jeffrey Pennington
SD Fulfillment Lead
Duy Nguyen
SD Fulfillment Technician
Eva Ortiz
SD Fulfillment Technician
Isidro Castaneda
SD Fulfillment Technician
Armando Demesa
SD Fulfillment Technician
Steven Smith
SD Fulfillment Technician
Alejandro Cordova
SD Fulfillment Technician
Ryan Hopps
SD Fulfillment Technician
Joshua Avina
SD Fulfillment Technician
Rommel Cerezo
SD Fulfillment Supervisor

Materials Management

Melanie Reese
Head of Systems Technology
Jordan Walker
Master Planner
Ryan Galeos
SD Inventory Control Specialist
Amanda LeMoine
Process Support Specialist
Aaron Mongelli
Operations Scheduler
Roddy Pena
SD Receiving and Inventory Clerk


Andrew Schepers
AVL Equipment Maintenance Specialist
David Hardin
Maintenance Technician

Kitchen & Tap

Christien Williams
AVL General Manager
Sal DeTillio
Assistant General Manager
Aglaia Panteliodis
Brandon Jarvis


Laura Prahl
Operations Manager-DRY BLOCK
Tim Anderson
Customer Service Representative
Emil Hadzic
Lab Supervisor
Matthew Moore
Production Assistant