Backed By Science

Our 21-day process and uncompromising quality specifications ensure the highest quality and most viable yeast for reliable and consistent fermentations.

We’re Serious About Science 

Science is important to us.  That’s why we invest considerable resources into our quality control and we are pioneers in yeast technology, providing you with the best and most reliable fermentation cultures.   Our exclusive 21-day process produces the most viable yeast and our packaging technology, including our improved proprietary film, delivers superior yeast health and longer shelf life.  We take pride in these advancements and push ourselves to continue leading the charge when it comes to yeast (and alternative cultures). 

Uncompromising Quality 

From cryogenic (-80C) storage through the fulfillment of yeast from our cold storage warehouse, every batch goes through 38 Quality Checkpoints. We stand by the recognized industry-standard microbiological testing methods (ASBC and AOAC), along with proprietary qPCR methods developed with Invisible Sentinel for the most dependable and sensitive limit of detection. These rigorous standards provide you with quality you can trust and foolproof fermentations you can count on every time.

 21-Day Propagation
Over the decades of our research and development, we have optimized our propagation process, resulting in yeast big plump cells full of nutrients and healthy cell membranes great for sustained viability and reuse.
FlexCell Technology

Our patented FlexCell process grows yeast with minimal exposure to the environment, ensuring quality and purity in every package.  The improved proprietary packaging material allows for one-way off-gassing to reduce product inflation and deliver better yeast health and longer shelf life.

Quality Control with over 38 Quality Checkpoints
We pride ourselves in verified quality control testing, including standard industry-wide microbiological testing (selective media plating) AND proprietary qPCR methods (developed with Invisible Sentinel) for the most sensitive limit of detection.
We monitor checkpoints on every batch, such as:
  • Culture purity at multiple growth stages
  • Gravity and attenuation
  • Precise cell counts and viability
  • Presence of STA1 (Diastatic) gene in our strains
Groundbreaking qPCR Microbial Contaminants Panel 

A proprietary multiplexed detection kit developed by Invisible Sentinel and White Labs

  • Utilizing qPCR technology, these novel detection kits can target a range of brewery contaminants at once, providing faster results, greater sensitivity, and a higher level of accuracy; 

    • Wild yeast, including STA1, per 40 million yeast cells

    • Aerobic bacteria per 40 million yeast cells

    • Anaerobic bacteria per 140 million yeast cells

Visit here to view the QC report for your lot of yeast.

Superior yeast quality giving customers more confidence in every brew
White Labs Yeast Propagation Process