About White Labs

What began as home brewers searching for higher quality yeast, quickly grew into a team of dedicated biochemists exploring new ways to advance brewing altogether.

Today, White Labs stands at the intersection of science, education and craft. Constantly striving for perfection, and in the process continually raising the bar in the art of fermentation.

Every day, we set out on a single mission: To stretch the limits of science in order to set new standards in purity and freshness.

From the industry’s first pitchable liquid yeast to a complete revolution in the way it’s propagated and packaged, our innovative spirit is tireless.

And our belief that creating the best, most environmentally friendly products goes hand-in-hand with making the best use of them has inspired a culture of education and collaboration with brewers, distillers and winemakers the world over. 

White Labs. Advancing fermentation. Cultivating community.

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Charities: We, at White Labs, have taken on the fight against breast cancer by being proud supporters of Beer for Boobs. We are passionate about beer & passionate about wiping out breast cancer. We figured combining our passions would make an immensely strong force. We were right! Combining with some fabulous breweries, awesome industry leaders, and enthusiastic homebrewers - Beer for Boobs has contributed over $200,000 towards breast cancer research, breast screening and education. We also proudly support JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.

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