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PurePitch Next Generation Nano is a modular option for brewers from 1-3 hectoliters/BBL; one Nano is intended to pitch 1 hectoliter at a pitch rate of 7.5 million cells/mL. Nano Bundle (5 x 70mL pouches) and Nano Pouch (1 x 350mL) have the same volume of yeast and the same price. We may substitute your preference based on availability and ship date.

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Powered by FlexCellTM Technology, PurePitch® Next Generation takes yeast performance further than ever. Delivering great quality beer with consistent fermentations, and even higher cell viability. Combined with the largest selection of over 81 strains ready to ship — your beer just got better. 

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PurePitch Next Generation 
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Our patented FlexCellTM process grows yeast with minimal exposure to the environment, ensuring quality, purity, and the most healthy yeast in every package. 

Why Yeast Health Is So Important 
Happy yeast equals better beer.
PurePitch® Next Generation Pro Pouch features a breathable proprietary dual-layer film allowing for off-gassing. This allows for enhanced yeast viability with a five to seven-month shelf life.


Brew days just got easier.
Check out our newest innovations as we explore ways to advance brewing altogether.


Customizable pitch rates.
PurePitch® Next Generation Pro Pouch is intended to be pitched at one pouch per 5 hectoliters. However you can customize your pitch rate based on your batch specifics with our online calculator at

Experiment with new strains.
With over 81 strains ready to ship and countless more in The Vault®, we have a strain for every style of beer.