Quest for the Best Blonde Ale Yeast

Category : General
Date : August 1, 2022
Author : White Labs

Best Blonde Ale Yeast

Ever wonder which yeast would go well in a blonde ale recipe? At White Labs, we took the White Lab Brewing Co's concept of using the same base recipe and making the only difference the yeast strain to highlight its importance!

In collaboration with Craft Beer Professionals, we went coast to coast from San Diego, CA to Norfolk, VA to see our brewery friends at Three Notch'd Brewing, Makers Craft Brewery, and Elation Brewing to give them the ultimate yeast challenge!

Strain Used - Beer Name

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we had to take our side-by-side tasting over zoom. Although we couldn't taste them in person together, all the beers came out delicious and different!

Check out our analytics between the beers analyzed by White Labs Analytical Lab.