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WLN4400 Visco-Buster

Spec Sheet on Visco-Buster APPLICATION: Beer , spirits Visco-Buster is a liquid product obtained from Trichoderma reesei. This is an enzyme complex containing predominantly 1,3-1,4-glucanase activity, but also endo-xylanase and other...


WLN4500 Pro-Max

PRO-MAX is liquid neutral protease from self-cloned strain of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens standardized at minimum 180 000 PCU per gram (double strength). APPLICATIONS: 1) Increases FAN. Hydrolyses protein matrix surrounding starch granule so...


WLN4700 Hazyme C

HAZYME C is a complex of fungal amylases from different Aspergillus species. Applications: 1) To break down starches in apple juice during cold process. 2) To reduce haze formation from soluble starch break down in apple juice. Apples contain...


WLN4800 Rapidase C80

RAPIDASE C80 is a liquid pectinase from Aspergillus niger. Applications: 1) To break down pectin from apple and pear. Composition and structure of apple or pear vary with fruit cultivar. Polysaccharides present in cell wall slowly evolve during...


WLN4900 Rouge-Ex

ROGUE-EX is a liquid pectinase from Aspergillus niger. Applications: To improve color extraction from acidic red berries and grapes. Function: The extraction of juice from red berries is a delicate process for juice natural color and aroma...


XTK2000 Alcohol Test Kit Plus

Note: This product has been discontinued, although current inventory will still be processed as previously. The Beer test kit has been adjusted to include the alcohol by volume test at no additional cost      


Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation

Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation, by Chris White with Jamil Zainasheff, was released at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO, in September 2010. The book is published by Brewers Publications. From Brewers Publications:...


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