Organic Yeast produced by White Labs Copenhagen 

White Labs Copenhagen ApS produces over 50 White Labs yeast strains and bacteria in certified organic format for European professional brewers and homebrewers, distillers and winemakers from our facilities in Copenhagen, Denmark. We also supply White Labs dry yeast to European professionals and homebrewers, along with stocking the entire portfolio of White Labs yeast strains in professional sizes.
White Labs Copenhagen yeast is certified organic in accordance with the regulations of the EU, USDA and Danish authorities. We ship to the entire European market directly from our production facility in Copenhagen, Denmark, with overnight delivery available to most non-remote locations across Europe. 

White Labs Copenhagen strains cover virtually any beer style imaginable from IPAs, Hazies, lagers, stouts, Wits, Hefeweizens, Saisons, Kveik, dubbels, trippels, and other Belgian styles, and on and on.   

Ordering across Europe

For European customers, ordering directly from White Labs Copenhagen means:

  • Convenient and efficient ordering for all European customers
  • Overnight express courier delivery across Europe:
    • Easy intra-EU shipping (no customs issues!)
    • Minimal fuss for non-EU European orders (full compliance with UK, Norway, Switzerland customs for easy importing from the EU)

Order directly at, email your orders to [email protected] or simply call us directly on +45 31615142.!


The full selection of White Labs Copenhagen organic liquid yeast is available directly from White Labs Copenhagen in the White Labs pure 70ml homebrew packaging format, along with WLP001 Dry California Ale Yeast in 11g sachets.  
  • Homebrewers: White Labs Copenhagen currently only sells business-to-business to European customers. Please contact your local homebrew supplier  
  • Retailers/suppliers: If you are interested in offering White Labs homebrew products, please contact White Labs Copenhagen customer service for more information: [email protected] or +45 31615142.

Lab Services

If you are having any quality control issues in your fermentations, products or at your facility, our lab is available to assist in identifying and solving potential issues. Contact us for a free 30 min online consultation where we will assist in identifying possible causes and talk through options available to you. Contact us directly at [email protected] or call us on +45 31615142.

Private Strain Banking

You can bank your private strains directly with White Labs Copenhagen. Additionally, our lab can assist you with isolating strains and identifying the contents of your cultures on a project basis. Email [email protected] for more information.

Innovation Campus Europe (ICE)

At our dedicated research facility in Copenhagen, Denmark, we conduct a wide array of fermentation innovation & development research supporting the food & beverage industry pertaining to any process where microorganisms play a vital role. Projects and products include innovative uses of fermentation in food, upcycling food side-streams, alternative beverages, like Kombucha, low and non-alcoholic beer, biotransformation, lactic acid bacteria for non-dairy cheese, green malt fermentation. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you would like to discuss possible collaborations.

ORGANIC YEAST STRAINS produced by White Labs Copenhagen

Check out our Organic Strains Here

Yeast Nutrients & Enzymes
White Labs Copenhagen stocks a wide range of nutrients & enzymes in professional sizes to help improve and optimize your brews, including:

WLN2000 SeltzerMax
WLN2500 FanMaxBio
WLE3000 Candy
WLE3100 Time
WLE3200 No-D
WLN3500 Servomyces

WLE4000 Clarity Ferm
WLE4100 Ultra Ferm


Danish Food and Veterinary Association Control Report

White Labs Copenhagen is an inspected and approved organic production facility. Read the report here.


Additional Locations

White Labs is committed to furthering the art of fermentation by making fresh, pure liquid yeast more accessible to the brewing, wine making, distilling, cider making, kombucha and fermentation industries. We offer various fermentation products, services, analysis and education to professional and enthusiasts alike. Today White Labs operates locations in San Diego, CA; Asheville, NC; Copenhagen, Denmark; and a distribution facility in Hong Kong.