Big QC Day

Big QC Day began in 2007 as a way to provide a low-cost option for breweries to get a variety of tests conducted. Each year, at least 10 percent of the country's craft breweries participate. Big QC Day kits test for diacetyl and IBUs, as well as alcohol, calories, color, real and apparent attenuation, microbiological contaminants, and more. Test two samples for $139 or $199 for two samples plus gluten testing.

FALL 2016

Purchase and submit your kit anytime before November 4th and we'll get results to you by November 11th. 

To purchase Big QC Day, please visit, click the Laboratory Supplies and Services tab, and the item is located in the top section called Laboratory Services. (Important note: Because of a temporary technical issue, the standard, non-gluten version appears at the top of the second tab called "Other merchandise." The gluten version appears under the third tab, "Lab Services". Or call 1-888-5-YEAST-5 or email for more information and assistance.