White Labs Analytical Laboratory banks private cultures for customers for their future uses. White Labs will test, isolate, store and propagate your organism using our proprietary methods.
Production lead time is 21 to 30 days.

Every Private Strain is analyzed for microbial organisms. The fermentation of the original culture is monitored to ensure optimal performance and then cryogenically frozen. Requires a minimum order of 1.75L for Saccharomyces strains and a minimum order of 1L unconcentrated for wild yeast and bacteria. Please fill out the Yeast Banking Form when a sample is sent in.


LS6750 Standard Yeast Banking for 1 strain

Yeast strain provided is isolated and removed from bacteria or other wild yeasts.
  • Strain Clean up - free from contaminants
  • Petite Mutant testing 
  • pH testing
  • Flocculation characteristics
  • First year of banking included

Yeast can be provided to White Labs from a slant, petri dish, slurry, fermentation sample, bottle, or dried. Inquire our Yeast Culture Specialists ([email protected]) for a sample collection bottle.

LS6725 Mixed Culture Isolation

  • Isolation of multiple organisms
  • Genetic identification of the organisms (genetic sequencing of isolated bacteria or yeast, in bacteria the 16S rDNA region is sequenced and for yeast the ITS region is sequenced)
  • Ratio of the organisms in the culture

Can be banked as a mixed culture or as individual strains for an additional fee.