White Labs offers yeast banking for professional brewers, wineries and distilleries wanting to isolate, store and propagate proprietary yeast strains.

We analyze the yeast, conduct a variety of microbial tests, monitor fermentation of the original culture to ensure optimal performance and cryogenically freeze it for your future use. White Labs maintains strict confidentiality and proprietorship with any strains that are banked and no strain information will be released to outside parties without expressed written consent.

LS6750 Standard Yeast Banking - 1 strain

Includes strain clean up, petite mutant testing, pH, flocculation characteristics, fermentation graph and the first year of banking.

LS6725 Mixed Culture Isolation

Includes Isolation of multiple organisms, genetic identification of the organisms (genetic sequencing of isolated bacteria or yeast, in bacteria the 16S rDNA region is sequenced and for yeast the ITS region is sequenced) and the ratio of the organisms in the culture. Ca

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