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Alkaline Methylene Violet (AMV) Stain MA1422

Improve the accuracy of viability test with AMV. (Must be refrigerated). Best used within 6 months.

Price: $13.05

Attention WL Customers

This page displays most of the analytical services offered by White Labs. Products on these pages are in alphabetical order based on the part number. To quickly find something, enter the part number or test name in the search box at top right. The...

Price: NA

Baby Onesie

Available sizes: S, M, L

Price: $15.50

Brewing Microbiology- Yeast Book 3rd Edition

The microbiology of brewing is a diverse subject covering both the production of beer and its stability to spoilage. The third edition of this extremely successful book gives an in-depth coverage of all aspects of brewing microbiology. It includes a...

Price: 292.95

BrewMaster: The Craft Beer Game

  If you appreciate good beer, you'll love BrewMaster: The Craft Beer Game. Using mechanics similar to rummy, players combine cards to brew six beer styles including ale, stout and Belgian. In doing so players will use some of the 90 cards...

Price: $19.95

Compendium of Brewing Research: Yeast

This publication includes 277 articles published in the Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists from 1997-2005. The compendium covers a wide array of yeast-related topics including: yeast strain selection, yeast culture maintenance,...

Price: $49.00

Cycloheximide TK3710

Cycloheximide, 50ml (1mg/ml) Solution inhibits brewers yeast growth and is used as an ingredient in media plate preparation.Requires use of protective gloves and eyewear. Best used within 1 year. 

Price: $49.27


Universal Beer Agar (UBA) Dry, 500g Detects spoilers using your beer as a nutrient.

Price: $165.72


Wallerstein Media (WLN), Dry w/o cycloheximide 500g. Selective media used to detect brewer’s yeast, mold, bacteria and WLN wild yeast.

Price: $117.57