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White Labs Inc. Pure Yeast and Fermentation team members have been active in the American and worldwide craft brewing movements since the 1980s. The company, with headquarters in San Diego, Calif., and offices in Davis, Calif., Boulder, Colo., Chicago, Illinois, Copenhagen, Denmark and soon in Asheville, North Carolina, provides a wealth of services to brewers, winemakers, distillers and others in the fermentation business. 

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Charities: Causes supported by White Labs include the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes and the the breast cancer fundraising team Beer for Boobs.

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GMO Free: White Labs yeast is GMO free.

QC sheet: All White Labs yeast and enzymes, whether for commercial purposes or homebrew, is certified with a thorough QC analysis, and these reports are available on yeastman.com. Visit the site and click on the "Yeast QC Reports" button, or visit the lab section after you log in in, and enter your lot number. Or visit your order history and click on the lot number for your order. 

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