Distilling Yeast & Products

As craft distilling has exploded, so have efforts to make these new offerings distinctive and flavorful.

There is no greater opportunity to add depth of flavor to your spirits than in the arena of fermentation. In past decades, the use of large batch, dry strains in America and Europe eroded some of the flavor that came from the use of liquid cultures, including beer yeast. White Labs and its customers are reviving these flavors that come through the use of fresh yeast. 

In 2014, White Labs added many distilling strains to its regular yeast lineup, including Scotch Whiskey Yeast, American Whiskey Yeast, Bourbon Yeast, and Neutral Grain Spirits Yeast. These joined the popular Tennessee Whiskey Yeast and other strains including brewing strains that have been used by distillers for years. 

Additionally, White Labs distributes at least 10 dried distilling strains.

Nutrients such as Servmomyces, Go-Ferm and Fermaid K are popular with distillers, as are the variety of enzymes available. 

Review this Distilling Resources Link for features including a liquid yeast handling guide (including how to expand the yeast for larger batches) and style guides including bourbon, brandy and gin and many others.