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WLN4000 Clarity Ferm

CLARITY-FERM is a product containing a highly specific endo-protease which only cleaves polypeptides at the carboxyl end of the amino acid proline.  Protease is derived from Aspergillus niger. APPLICATIONS: 1) To increase the collodial...


WLN4100 Ultra-Ferm

ULTRA-FERM is a liquid amyloglucosidase (highly concentrated) from selected classical strain of Aspergillus niger. APPLICATIONS: 1) To reduce saccharification times. 2) To saccharify unmalted cereal brews. 3) To increase attenuation. Function...


WLN4200 Amino-Quik

AMINO-QUIK is a liquid vegetal papain extracted from Carica papaya. AMINO-QUIK reduces chill haze and increasing colloidal stability. FUNCTION:  Haze is composed of proteins, polyphenols, carbohydrates and inorganic compounds such as iron or...


WLN4300 Opti-Mash

APPLICATIONS: Opti-Mash is a liquid thermostable alpha-amylase from a classical strain of Bacillus licheniformis. FUNCTION: Different adjuncts such as maize, rice, wheat, and sorghum are used in brewing. The starch of these grains can have ...


WLN4400 Visco-Buster

APPLICATION: Beer, Spirits Visco-Buster is a liquid product obtained from Trichoderma reesei. This is an enzyme complex containing predominantly 1,3-1,4-glucanase activity, but also endo-xylanase and other hemicellulases. FUNCTION: ...


WLN4500 Pro-Max

PRO-MAX is liquid neutral protease from self-cloned strain of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens standardized at minimum 180 000 PCU per gram (double strength). APPLICATIONS: 1) Increases FAN. Hydrolyses protein matrix surrounding starch granule so...


WLN4600 Crystalzyme

Crystalzyme PMLX is a proprietary enzyme system produced by the controlled fermentations of non-genetically modified strains of Aspergillus niger and Trichoderma reesei. The enzyme system includes pectinases, cellulases, hemicellulases, and...


WLN4700 Hazyme C

HAZYME C is a complex of fungal amylases from different Aspergillus species. Applications: 1) To break down starches in apple juice during cold process. 2) To reduce haze formation from soluble starch break down in apple juice. Apples contain...


WLN4800 Rapidase C80

RAPIDASE C80 is a liquid pectinase from Aspergillus niger. Applications: 1) To break down pectin from apple and pear. Composition and structure of apple or pear vary with fruit cultivar. Polysaccharides present in cell wall slowly evolve during...


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