Get The Yeast Bay Directly From White Labs!

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Date : April 11, 2023
Author : White Labs

Since 2014 White Labs has teamed up with The Yeast Bay to produce their artisanal liquid yeast and bacteria cultures. While we have been happy as a manufacturing partner, we’re excited to announce you can now order The Yeast Bay products directly from White Labs!  

What does this new level of partnership mean for you as a commercial brewer? 

You’ll still get the same exceptional cultures, along with the 24/7 technical support and consultation Yeast Bay customers have always expected from owner Nick Impellitteri, now with even more benefits from White Labs:
  • PurePitch® Next Generation  

    • Improved Viability: Yeast Bay cultures now utilize our patented FlexCell® process and innovative packaging technology that allows CO2 to be released, preventing harmful pressure build-up, maintaining higher cell glycogen reserves (energy), and extending the viability

    • More Yeast in Every Package: Each culture contains the same consistent cell count and pitch rate used by the pros, resulting in a foolproof fermentation without a starter

  • Verified Quality and Consistency 

    • Culture-Specific Data: Yeast Bay cultures now have quality control data, strain information, and usage instructions on-demand through a QR code on each package

    • Pitch Rate Calculator: Yeast Bay customers now have access to White Labs' online pitch rate calculator to allow brewers to dial in pitch rates for any fermentation

  • Make Ordering Easier 

    • Direct Ordering and Shipment: Your order is fulfilled directly from White Labs, with the added benefits of ordering directly through YeastMan® or White Labs Customer Service, and no minimum order quantity is required

    • Consolidated Shipments: Yeast Bay and White Labs orders can be combined to reduce order time, save on shipping costs, and unify your order on a single invoice

Most Yeast Bay Cultures will be available in PurePitch® Next Generation or Custom Pour starting 4/17, with the remaining cultures available by the end of April!


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