Brew a Non-Alcoholic Session IPA with WLP618 NA All Day

Category : Recipes
Date : February 8, 2023
Author : White Labs

With the growth of popularity of Non-Alcoholic/Low-Alchol beers, here are some helpful tips and a quick recipe to brew with our new core strain, WLP618 NA All Day, now available year round!

Brew with WLP618 NA All Day Today!

Key Considerations


Keep Wort Fermentability Low

  • Use a smaller grain bill to decrease original gravity to 5-7 Plato
  • Keep mash temperature above 72C, which helps reduce fermentable sugars available to the yeast
Adjust pH to 4.6
  • Because there is no alcohol present, these beverages are required to be below a pH of 4.6 for microbial stability. Adjust your starting pH using phosphoric acid or lactic acid to adhere to this.
  • We recommend BOTH running through a 0.45um sterile filter as well as some form of microbial stabilization.
  • Through sensory, the difference between the flavor profile of microbial stabilization versus unpasteurized had muted some aroma/taste from the unpasteurized but was less harsh than other versions of microbial stabilization.  
Improving Your Brew
  • To increase aroma and flavor, non-sugar flavor additives can be added post-fermentation
  • Recipes can also be tweaked with the addition of unmalted grains for extra body or changing the water profile to enhance hops aroma

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