Genetic Identification

  • Purpose:

    White Labs offers genetic sequencing of bacteria and yeast isolated at your brewery. This allows you to not just assume what organism you have based on a Gram stain, but actually know. In most cases we are able to identify both genus and species of the organism (there is a possibility that only the genus will be identified). In bacteria, the 16S rDNA region is sequenced. For yeast, the ITS region is sequenced. Results will be reported in a percent confidence level of the closest organism.

    • If samples have already been isolated at your brewery, please send them in a pour plate or slant that is sealed to our lab and circle the isolated colonies you would like identified.
    • If sending in a beer sample, microbiological testing must be perfromed first. Genetic identification can only be performed on isolated yeast or bacterial colonies. Please see LS6610 Complete Microbiological Analysis.


  • Part Number: LS6705
  • Minimum Amount Required: Plate with isolated colonies (circle desired colonies to ID)
  • Turn Around Time: 4 Business Days
  • Method: Genetic Sequencing
  • Price: $150.00/per organism
  • Analytical Parts Tag: