Mixed Culture Isolations

  • Purpose:
    Identify and quantify the different yeast and bacteria in your sample. Great for kombucha or cultures with multiple organisms!

    • Plating on several selective and differential medias in order to isolate various microorganisms
      • Media include: Lin’s Cupric Sulfate Media (LCSM), Hsu’s Lactobacillus and Pediococcus Media (HLP), Schwartz Differential Agar (SDA), Wallerstein Nutrient Media (WLN), Wallerstein Differential Media (WLD), Yeast Extract Peptone Dextrose Agar (YPD), and de Man, Rogosa and Sharpe Agar (MRS)
    • Gram stain and microscopy
    • Genetic identification (up to 5 organisms included with this package)
      • In bacteria, the 16S r-DNA region is sequenced and for yeast, the ITS region was sequenced
      • Results are reported in a percent confidence level of the closest organism
      • In most cases we are able to identify both the genus and species of the organism, but there is a possibility that only the genus can be identified
    • Ratio of each organism in the culture (CFUs/ml)

    Note: This will only identify viable and culturable yeast and bacteria on the media used. Banking can be added on for an additional fee.

  • Part Number: LS6725
  • Minimum Amount Required: 100mL
  • Turn Around Time: 3 Business Weeks
  • Method: Selective media, Gram Staining, Microscopy, and Genetic Sequencing
  • Price: $580.00 up to 5 organisms, $150.00 per additional organism
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