STA1 detection by qPCR

  • Purpose:

    Determines if a yeast sample or yeast colony is STA1 positive. Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus as well as some other yeast strains carry the STA1 gene. The STA1 gene encodes for an enzyme that breaks down dextrins into fermentable sugars. This assay only determines presence of the STA1 gene, not the activity. This information can help further knowledge on how to handle these strains.

    Testing: Detection of the STA1 gene (glucoamylase gene) via qPCR. If yeast samples have already been isolated at your brewery, please send an agar plate that is sealed to our lab and circle the isolated colonies you would like tested.

    NOTE: If you brewed your beer with a STA1+ strain, your beer will test positive.

  • Part Number: LS6730
  • Minimum Amount Required: Plate with isolated colonies or 100mls beer
  • Turn Around Time: 4 Business Days
  • Method: QuickGEN S. cerevisiae var. diastaticus PCR Kit
  • Price: $109.00/organism
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