Alpha and Beta Acids

  • Purpose:

    Over time alpha and beta acids deteriorate from heat and oxidation. Determining amounts of alpha and beta acids in hops can help calculate amount needed for desired bitterness.

    Testing: Alpha and beta acids of hops. If asked, results for pellets can be broke into humulone, adhumulone, cohumulone, lupulone, adlupulone, colupulone.

  • Part Number: SIT3010
  • Reported Units: %
  • Minimum Amount Required: 20g of pelletized, quart bag of sample for fresh (wet/dry) cones
  • Turn Around Time: 10 Business Days
  • Equipment: Perkin Elmer Flexar™ HPLC
  • Method: ASBC Hops-14 (Modified), ASBC Hops-16 (Modified)
  • Price: $65.00
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