PurePitch Next Generation, an evolution of White Labs’ PurePitch® – the most superior and consistent yeast on the market – has been made even better with new packaging for ease of use, and verifiable quality and consistency to help you make the absolute best beer possible.

PurePitch Next Generation 

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PurePitch® Next Generation is made to contain 2.15 billion cell/mL in every package. A professional-sized modular design to pitch 5 HL of standard beer at a rate of 7.5 million cells/mL. 


No matter the strain, PurePitch® Next Generation gives customers a consistent cell count to more accurately pitch for a foolproof fermentation.

Scale-up with ease with a consistent pitch rate!
1 Pouch for 5 HL 
5 Pouches for 25 HL
10 Pouches for 50 HL
Yeastman calculator graphic
Working with high gravity brews or lower fermentation temperatures?

​Our online calculator at yeastman.com allows you to see the exact recommendation for you using your volume, temperature, and gravity. Allowing you to customize the pitch rate to anything you want, larger or smaller!


PurePitch Next Generation is more than just the next generation of a
great product, it’s an evolution driven by real input from brewers like me.

-Jake Ridle, Brew Boy
Juneau, AK

A Few Highlights of PurePitch Next Generation:

  • Easier to use – The new PurePitch® Next Generation packaging is equipped with handles and a connectable port for seamless closed-system inline yeast transfers, making it easier for commercial brewers to pitch yeast while preventing contamination.
  • More energy – Through process improvements and laboratory analysis, we increased the glycogen content of the yeast cells to give them more energy when starting a fermentation.
  • Increased cell count – PurePitch® Next Generation provides a precise and consistent concentration of cells in every package. PurePitch® Next Generation is made to contain ~2.15 billion cells per mL, allowing customers to calculate their pitch rate for the healthiest, best fermentation.
  • Improved shelf life – PurePitch® Next Generation features a more breathable proprietary dual-layer film allowing more effective off-gassing to reduce product inflation and delivering higher viability and shelf life for the yeast.
  • Lab friendly – PurePitch® Next Generation packaging makes it easy to sample for in-house or third-party lab analysis via the re-sealable cap and comes in a convenient size to fit under a hood.
  • On-demand QC data – The new packaging includes a QR code with on-demand quality control data including precise cell counts and lot-specific information, along with detailed usage instructions.
  • Customized pitch rates – The new online calculator available at yeastman.com ensures the perfect pitch rate, providing brewers with a customized recommendation based on their beer style, batch size, temperature, and gravity.
  • The best people – We have teams at White Labs to help make customers’ yeast great – a combination of Departments from microbiology, production, packaging, White Labs Brewing Co, White Labs Analytical Lab Services, Education, and R&D work together to make the best yeast on the planet!

Each PurePitch Next Generation package features the quality control data we’re known for – which includes 38 quality checkpoints. With a new easily accessible QR code printed right on the packaging, you have on-demand access to strain and lot information, including precise cell counts, strain-specific details, quality control data, and usage instructions.  


Knowing that every single pouch of PurePitch Next Generation has already been through 38 quality checkpoints before it even gets to us makes me feel really good about the quality of yeast we use at Vitamin Sea.

- Dino Funari
Vitamin Sea Brewing
Weymouth, MA

Increased Viability

Improved shelf life – through process improvements and laboratory analysis, we monitor the glycogen content of the yeast cells to give them more energy when starting a fermentation.

PurePitch Next Generation features a breathable proprietary dual-layer film designed to allow for more effective off-gassing to reduce product inflation and deliver higher viability and shelf life for the yeast. While the industry standard shelf life is 2-4 weeks, PurePitch Next Generation achieves an impressive four to six month shelf life.

We’ve added a resealable port to PurePitch Next Generation making it easy to remove a yeast sample for in-house or third-party lab analysis and it comes in a convenient size to fit under a hood. 

Increased Fermentation Speed

The demand for higher pitch rates has been steadily rising for decades. To fit brewer's needs we’ve optimized the cell count of PurePitch Next Generation to ensure brewers worldwide see consistent, clean, and speedy fermentations. With our consistent pitch rates, brewers have seen shortened lag-times resulting in quicker gravity drops.
Gravity (Plato) vs. Day
Gravity vs Day WLP001Gravity vs Day WLP530


The new packaging is innovative and easier to use. We’re loving the new handles and resealable port for  sampling in-house. It also puts an end to climbing a ladder carrying scissors, which was great.

-Aaron Stueck
Brewery Research & Development Director
BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse
Boulder, CO



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