A novel, single-use solution from the innovative team at White Labs that makes yeast harvesting and storage easier than ever.



The FlexBrink®  is a durable, single-use yeast collection, storage, and repitching vessel allowing you to efficiently handle your yeast needs without expensive equipment or added cleaning.

Features of FlexBrink®:
  • Each brink can hold up to ~20L of harvested liquid yeast slurry The transparent film allows the yeast culture to be seen when harvested and stored, making visual inspection of the harvest volume and yeast slurry easy. 
  • Each brink is pre-sterilized via gamma irradiation, eliminating  the need for chemicals to sanitize 
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to fill, transport, and store in any facility 
  • Ready to use right out of the box or at a moment's notice. 
FlexBrink® Tech Sheet and FAQ
FlexBrink® Manual

 Size: 20' x 37' in
Recommended Items for Use:

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  • Part No : LW6020
  • Amount : 1
  • Product Category : Lab Supplies