FlexPump (Aseptic Transfer System)

An In-line & Closed System Yeast Pitching Solution!


The White Labs FlexPump (Aseptic Transfer System/ATS) was designed in conjunction with PurePitch Next Generation and is a novel solution for pitching yeast. Together, the FlexPump and PurePitch Next Generation provide a safer, cleaner, and more efficient way to pitch yeast in-line

Aseptic Transfer System Manual Download​

Benefits of the White Labs FlexPump:



  • Clean connections allow for minimal exposure of yeast to the brewhouse environment.

  • Connecting in-line with wort transfer means no need to open fermentor after CIP.

  • Transferring in-line allows for better homogenization of yeast into wort.


  • Quick connect adaptors allow multiple PurePitch Next Generation pouches to be pitched within minutes.

  • Lightweight and Portable. Adaptable in all brewhouse configurations and with other compatible liquid and adjunct additions.

  • Forward and Reverse peristaltic action allows for a complete wort flush of PurePitch Next Generation.


  • Central location at the base of the fermentor.

  • No ladder climbing or carrying packages/ sanitizer/ scissors to elevated locations.

  • GFI protected power source.

  • Part No : LW6000
  • Amount : 1
  • Product Category : Lab Supplies
Aseptic Transfer System