4th Annual Big QC Day

* 2010 results are posted below. The level of bacteria-free beer remained the same as the previous year.
* Click here for regional results on selected tests for 2010.
* Find a sample beer analysis report here
* Other results: 2009, 2008, 2007

Big QC Day can help you ...

How does your beer compare with others around the nation?
Have you ever had the chance to see how your in-house testing compares to an independent laboratory?
Do you have an effective cleaning program?
How close is your beer to its intended style?

If you’ve ever wanted to know the answer to these questions, now is your chance. By participating in White Lab’s 4th Annual Big QC day you will have a better understanding of the state of your beer. We all love our beer and the best way to show your love is to send your beer in for a check-up! Our Fourth Annual Big QC Day provides you with an enormous savings by offering a bundle of testing services (over $500 value) on two of your beers for only $129! You’ll get test results for such parameters as Diacetyl and IBU’s, as well as alcohol, calories, color, real and apparent attenuation, and microbiological contaminants and you’ll be able to compare your results to the results of craft beers from around the world!

This year we’ve added the Spec Awards! This is a competition to determine how well you know your beer. A medal will be awarded to the brewer whose beer specifications best match the actual outcome from our tests! (Contest Optional).

Don’t be left out! We take care of all the hard work for you. You’ll get a complete kit with all the information you need to collect samples and send them back to us for testing-Shipping Included! (Domestic Customers)

Confidentiality: Brewery names and individual results are confidential. They will not be shared with anyone. White Labs does break down the overall results by test and region for publication on its website and elsewhere.

Additional Background

Big QC Day is entering its fourth year. For the past three years, participating breweries have submitted two beers each (or more, depending on how many tests they ordered) for a variety of tests described below. The tests, which have involved about 10 percent of craft breweries, have provided a picture of the state of craft beer in general. Each year, the percentage of contaminated beer has dropped, among other results.

Big QC Day 2010 involves the following tests, among others: microbiological analysis overall, microbiological analysis by test, aerobic bacteria, alcohol, anaerobic bacteria, calories, color, density, IBUs, real extract, total VDK, wild yeast, pH, apparent attenuation, real attenuation. Some of these tests were also broken down by region. Links to these regional results can be found here, or follow the links under the applicable tests.

Below are the 2010 Results

Below: Microbiological testing overall

Regional micro overall

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