White Labs Customer Club

Welcome to the White Labs Customer Club!

We at White Labs created the customer club to reward you, our loyal home brewing customers. As a club member, you can redeem the labels from your empty yeast vials for the items below. You will also receive email newsletters. For a partial archive, click here.

What are the prizes for redeeming vials?

10 vials:  Coupon for a FREE Vial
15 vials:  BrewMaster Game
20 vials:  Classic Beer Styles Series Book (choose one) Altbier; Barley Wine; Bavarian Helles; Belgian Ale; Bock; Brown Ale; Continental Pilsner; German Wheat Beer; Kolsch; Mild Ale; Oktoberfest; Pale Ale (2nd Edition); Porter; Scotch Ale; Smoked Beer; and Stouts.
30 vials:  White Labs glassware (21 ounce mug)
40 vials:  White Labs S/S T-shirt OR baseball hat
50 vials:  White Labs short sleeve polo shirt (state size)
65 vials:  White Labs Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt (state size)
80 vials:  White Labs hooded sweatshirt (state size)
5,000 vials:  Chris White will come to your house, bring the yeast, and brew with you.

(Please note: This last prize is the only one in which homebrew stores can serve as a collection point. The overall program is designed to reward individual customers).

To redeem your empty vials, please download and print our Vial Redemption Form pdf

To redeem your empty vial labels, please complete the redemption form and return to us with the labels (you may remove the labels from the vials to save on shipping cost). Returned vials are recycled but are not reused within or recycled within White Labs.

You must include $5.00 for shipping and handling for each item other than yeast coupons.

Send to: White Labs, Attn: Vial Redemption, 9495 Candida Street, San Diego, CA 92126.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service staff at 888-593-2785 or info@whitelabs.com

**White Labs reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time. All prize selections are subject to availability. Allow 4-6 weeks for shipping. Only pre-registered members are eligible to redeem vials. Club Members can only redeem vials twice per year.


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