Consulting and Lab Services


White Labs offers expert, affordable on-site assistance for all of your fermentation needs, including:
Laboratory Staff Training
Laboratory Set-Up, including protocol and procedure manuals
Contamination Risk Assessment/Clean-Up
New Product and/or Fermentation Method Assistance
Yeast Handling
Yeast Propagation
For more information, and to discuss you individual needs, please contact us.


Our expertly trained staff will prepare your proprietary yeast cultures forlong-term housing and deep freeze storage. Service includes microbiological analysis, fermentation performance analysis, optimal culture selection, and mutation testing.
With our banking services, you get:
• Security for strains at an off-site and protected location
• Storage of your yeast for future use
• Protection of yeast strain integrity by storage at -80˚C
• Yeast slants for long-term use
• Pure liquid cultures that are ready to inoculate


The Native Yeast Program offers tailored solutions to clients interested in obtaining a proprietary “estate culture”, isolated from their local environment such as facility, old barrels or distilling equipment.
The work is based on individual needs and will typically involve:
• Sampling (either by client or by White Labs Technician),
• Isolation of yeasts
• Identification to species level
• Selection of best candidate isolates
• Characterization of physical properties
• Evaluation of fermentation performance
• Design of the optimal culture, specific to the client’s needs
The techniques allow the client to differentiate their product while staying true to their origin and brand characteristics, and are furthermore a powerful tool for taming a spontaneous fermentation. Enrolling in the Native Yeast Program gives control and consistency of the fermentation while staying true to the indigenous microbiological characteristic. After obtaining a pure single-strain or mixed culture unique to the product, White Labs will maintain the strains in a stable format until needed by the client. These native strains are proprietary to the individual client, and can be provided on slants or in pure liquid cultures.


Always eager to stay on the forefront of fermentation science and its applications, White Labs is frequently engaging in “Special Projects” for clients in all areas of fermentation. Apart from beer, distilling and wine projects these include baking, coffee, cocoa, kombucha, kefir and other fermented products. Fermented foods of all sorts are continuously gaining popularity among consumers and White Labs is proud to offer custom project solutions ranging from the counter-top hobbyist to high technology research projects. The Special Project Team is here to support wherever there is fermentation involved!