Fermentation for Distillers (San Diego)

May 26, 2017
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Apr 26, 2017
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White Labs will be hosting a full-day workshop specialized in yeast handling for distillers. This course will explore the basics of yeast, its metabolic process and how to provide ideal conditions for creating the most successful fermentations. Attendees will also gain an understanding of how yeast strain selection plays a critical role on spirits congeners along with how various sugar sources can impact your fermentation and final products.

While it often goes overlooked in the production of distilled spirits, proper yeast handling is crucial to producing an optimal finished spirit. Our team will guide you through the industry’s best practices for handling both dry and liquid yeast cultures at all steps of the process--from the beginning to end of fermentation as well as repitching. By the end of this course, distillers will know tips for achieving the ideal sensory attributes in your final product, as it pertains to yeast and fermentation.

This course will be taught by a group of yeast and fermentation experts from the White Labs team--Neva Parker, Vice President of Operations; Kara Taylor, Laboratory Operations Manager; Joe Kurowski, Brewing Manager; Karen Fortmann, Senior Research Scientist. Sign up before the early registration deadline and save $50.

This workshop is intended for professional distillers who are looking to expand their knowledge on the fermentation process



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