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How much yeast is in my White Labs homebrew PurePitch®?

What is brewer's yeast?

We sell White Labs yeast. Do you have any suggestions for how I should ship the yeast to my customers who order by phone or online?

I have heard that Rochefort has two strains. How would I go about selecting those as two different strains (separating them)? How do you differentiate between the different strains?

The yeast took longer than expected to get to me, as I live in India. What should I do?

How much yeast should I pitch? 

Do you have a map between your yeast strains and others?

How can I obtain White Labs yeast if my local homebrew shop doesn’t carry it?

What is the shelf life of White Labs Yeast?

How can I increase the oxygen level in the wort?

How should I store my yeast?

Can I use your liquid yeast to make bread?

What is flocculation?

Is overpitching yeast harmful?

What is diacetyl?

Can I combine yeast strains? Will there be any benefits or drawbacks from this?

Why does my beer have a high ester and/or sulfur level?

What is meant by "certified pure yeast"?

How long does the fermentation take to complete?

What is Servomyces?

I am curious to know how your nutrient may differ from Servo? That is what I use now, but since I hope to switch to White Labs yeast exclusively in the future, I was wondering if the WL product may be superior.

What is attenuation?