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How much yeast is in my White Labs homebrew PurePitch®?

What are the alcohol tolerances listed on your yeast pages? Please define them for us.

What is brewer's yeast?

I operate a store that sells White Labs yeast. Do you have suggestions for how I should ship the yeast to my customers who order by phone or online?

I have heard that Rochefort has two strains. How would I go about selecting those as two different strains (separating them)? How do you differentiate between the different strains?

I have just tasted some of my 005 yeast out of the vial, and it tastes sour. I just wanted to know if this is normal.

I live in India, and I recently got a couple of vials from an American homebrew store. They were in shipping for about 5 days and with an ice pack. Once they arrived, I put them in my refrigerator right away. Today, I used it for a batch of American Brown Ale I made. I had several questions about the yeast.

How can I pitch 1 million cells per ml per degree Plato?

Do you have a map between your yeast strains and others?

How can I obtain White Labs yeast if my local homebrew shop doesn’t carry it?

What is the shelf life of White Labs Yeast?

How can I increase the oxygen level in the wort?

How should I store my yeast?

Can I use your liquid yeast to make bread?

What is flocculation?

Why does the vial look different?

Is overpitching yeast harmful?

What is diacetyl?

Can I combine yeast strains?

Why does my beer have a high ester and/or sulfur level?

Why is my beer under-attenuating?

Why is my beer over-attenuating?

How can I increase the alcohol level in my beer?

What is meant by "certified pure yeast"?

Why is the fermentation not starting in the recommended time?

What is meant by pitchable quantities?

Why should I use liquid yeast as opposed to dry yeast?

At what temperature should I pitch ale yeast?

What is White Labs yeast nutrient?

How long does the fermentation take to complete?

Why does my vial look different?

What is Servomyces?

I am curious to know how your nutrient may differ from Servo? That is what I use now, but since I hope to switch to White Labs yeast exclusively in the future, I was wondering if the WL product may be superior.

What is attenuation?