Test Kits

TK2000 Alcohol Test Kit Plus

Alcohol by volume and alcohol by weight for one sample. Individuals can purchase additional tests when registering on Yeastman.com - including (for beer) bitterness units, color analysis, SO2, bacteria and wild yeast, and diacetyl, and (for wine)...


TK2200 Wine Test Kit Basic

Available June 2013! The Wine Test Kit Basic edition tests for titratable acidity, pH, and SO2. Additional tests can be added at Yeastman.com, including Brettanomyces, residual sugar, alcohol and malic acid. Take the kit home, fill with your wine...


TK2205 Wine Test Kit Comprehensive

The Wine Test Kit Comprehensive edition tests for everything in the basic edition -- titratable acidity, pH, and SO2 -- as well as brettanomyces, residual sugar, alcohol and malic acid. Take the kit home, fill with your wine sample with the...


TK2300 Beer Test Kit

The Beer Test Kit checks for IBUs, with users being able to purchase a multitude of other testing options including diacetyl, alcohol, gluten, bacteria and wild yeast.  Watch the White Labs video on test kits


TK3000 White Labs SDA Test Kit

Detect the presence of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria found in beer and/or yeast slurry. Kit will test 5-6 samples, and includes specialized pouches for proper anaerobic incubation.


TK3100 White Labs HLP Test Kit

Test for anaerobic beer spoilage organisms (Lactobacillus & Pediococcus). Requires use of a microwave. Will test 5 samples and one control.


TK3250 White Labs Wild Yeast Test Kit

Test for the presence of Saccharomyces Wild Yeast using Lins Wild Yeast Media (LWYM). Should be used with 48 hours of receipt to obtain best results. Will test 5 samples and one control.


TK3275 White Labs Test Kit Bundle

Bundle includes the following test kits: TK3000, TK3100, TK3250. Use all three kits to ensure the brewery is clean. Requires use of microwave. SAVE by ordering the bundle.


TK3400 White Labs WLN/WLD Test Kit

Test for the presence of aerobic yeast and bacteria. Kit contains plates of Wallerstein media, both with and without cycloheximide. Cycloheximide inhibits the growth of brewers yeast & mold, isolating the bacterial and wild yeast encountered in...


TK3400AP White Labs WLN/WLD

Test Kit with Anaerobic Pouches. Same kit as TK3400 but includes anaerobic pouches to test for anaerobic beer spoilage organisms.


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