WLN4500 Pro-Max

 PRO-MAX is liquid neutral protease from self-cloned strain of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens standardized at minimum 180 000 PCU per gram (double strength).


1) Increases FAN. Hydrolyses protein matrix surrounding starch granule so higher yields.
2) Required when brewing with all unmalted cereals including barley and sorghum.


Starch is embedded in a protein matrix in most cereals, and can only be totally released when the matrix is sufficiently hydrolysed. Pro-Max allows a good extraction of soluble proteins from raw material when only raw grains are used. It increases the free amino nitrogen of the wort to get a good fermentation when malt proteases cannot be used, or when adjuncts represent a large proportion of the mash bill. Pro-Max enables getting enough protein to obtain good foam. It increases the yield when raw or highly unmodified cereals are used.

Pro-Max is added in the mash tun at a dosage of 200mls to 1 Liter per ton of grain or 500mls per ton of barley. The product should not be used together with other enzymes. Activity of Pro-Max will be maximal at 45-50°C with hydrolysis time of 30 minutes. It is completely denaturated after 10 minutes at 85°C.

Sizes available: 1L, 10L

*Made with Brewer's Protease® by DSM