Ponto Pale Ale (R)

Yeast(s) Used: 
WLP005 British Ale Yeast
Recipe Supplied by: 
Tomme Arthur of Pizza Port Brewing Co, San Diego, CA

9 lbs Coopers Light malt Extract
1 lb 40L Crystal Malt
1/2 lb 60L Crystal Malt
1/4 lb Carapils® Malt
1 oz Chinook (30 min)
1/2 oz Columbus (30 min)
1 oz Liberty (last 2 min of boil)
1 oz Cascade (steep)
1 1/2 oz Mt Hood (steep)
1 vial White Labs WLP005 British Ale Yeast
Coopers Carbonation Drops (priming)

1. Steep Crystal and Carapils® malts in 159-180F brewing water (amount of water determined by size of your pot) for 15-20 minutes. Then re