WLP080 Cream Ale Yeast Blend

This is a blend of ale and lager yeast strains. The strains work together to create a clean, crisp, light American lager style ale. A pleasing estery aroma may be perceived from the ale yeast contribution. Hop flavors and bitterness are slightly subdued. Slight sulfur will be produced during fermentation, from the lager yeast.

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Style Performance Listing

A listing of how this style ranks amongst different brew styles, on a scale from 0 to 4.

Style Rating Style Rating
American Style Cream Ale4American Style Wheat Ale4
Fruit Beer2Herbs & Spice Beer4
Specialty Beers4Specialty Honey Ales4
Smoke Flavored Beer4Golden Ale Canadian Style Ale4
German Style Kolsch2Classic English Style Pale Ale2
English Style India Pale Ale1American Style Pale Ale4
American Style India Pale Ale4American Style Amber4
English Style Bitter2English Style ESB2
Scottish Style Ale2Irish Style Red Ale2
English Style Brown Ale2American Style Brown Ale
German Style Brown and Dusseldorf Altbier2Robust Porter2
Brown Porter2Classic Irish Style Dry Stout2
Foreign Style Stout2Sweet Stout1
Oatmeal Stout2English Old Ale English & American Strong Ale4
Barley Wine Strong Ale4Strong Scotch Ale2
Imperial Stout2Imperial IPA4


Feedback and experiences from previous customers. Want to leave a review of your own?

" ... easy drinkable pale ale"

By: Niels kiens | Date: Jun., 28th 2013 | Beer(s) Brewed: pale ale

Thanks guys and girls from white lab for making the fine blend. its perfect for my easy drinkable pale ale. good job well done. Cheers from Denmark.

For an Ale brewer, this is as close to a lager as I get!

By: Mike B | Date: Apr., 13th 2013 | Beer(s) Brewed: Cream Ale, Kolsch, IPA, Pale Ale

I have used this yeast a half dozen times and it's great! Crisp lager like flavors, perfect for a Cream Ale or Kolsch like hybrid beer. I would watch your fermentation temperature on this one, but then again my Cream Ales tend to be pretty simple, so hops won't mask any heat spikes. I have also brewed an IPA and Pale Ale with it and it makes for an interesting summer beer.

Blonde Ale With Flavour

By: Chris | Date: Mar., 27th 2013 | Beer(s) Brewed: Blonde Ale

I used this yeast for the first time. I tasted sulphur after kegging and hoped it would go away. After a week it was still there. I am happy to say that after two weeks it is gone. I am left with a wonderful tasting Blonde Ale which has a ton of flavour. I know everyone who swims in my pool this summer will be enjoying beer made with this yeast.

... a great yeast ...

By: scalabim13 | Date: Nov., 20th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Cream Ale

Takes a while to finish, almost as long as a Lager, but a great yeast, the final product is crisp clean, and great finish.

... part of my yeast inventory

By: Bob Surratt | Date: Nov., 20th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Cream Ale

I first tried this yeast to see how what the results would be in making a cream ale. I've fallen in love!! The yeast produces a light clean tasting ale that’s refreshingly tasty. I’ve now made this part of my yeast inventory.

I used this yeast to brew a Belgian ...

By: Anonymous | Date: Nov., 20th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Belgian Wit

I used this yeast to brew a Belgian on the recommendation of my local homebrew supply owner. It took 11 days to complete fermentation but it may be because of the honey used in the brew. It produced sulphur that did not dissipate over a week of aging, but aside from that the beer is marvelous.

... this is THE yeast

By: Matt K | Date: Nov., 20th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Cream Ale

I love this yeast. Fermented cream ale at 65 degrees then cold storage for a few weeks at 38 degrees. If you want a lager-like beer but can only work at ale temps, this is THE yeast.

... the hit of the party

By: Bob Surratt | Date: Nov., 20th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Cream Ale

I've been using this yeast since early 2009 & have been VERY happy with it. I have a summer party every year & typically brew ~six different styles. For two years in a row the Cream Ale has been the hit of the party! I brewed "two kegs" this year & once again these were the first to go. My drinking friends & I know a winner when we drink it!

incredibly satisfying stout...

By: Jude Temple | Date: Nov., 20th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Dark Sweet Stout

This strain gave the beer a complex flavor profile and produced an incredibly satisfying stout. Twelve days in the primary at 68 degrees, thirteen days in the secondary then kegged. OG 1.051 FG 1.015

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Optimum Ferment Temp.65-70°F (18-21°C)

Alcohol ToleranceMedium- High