WLP545 Belgian Strong Ale Yeast

From the Ardennes region of Belgium, this classic yeast strain produces moderate levels of ester and spicy phenolic character. Typically results in a dry, but balanced finish. This yeast is well suited for Belgian dark strongs, Abbey Ales, and Christmas beers.

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Style Performance Listing

A listing of how this style ranks amongst different brew styles, on a scale from 0 to 4.

Style Rating Style Rating
Spiced Ales4Grand Cru4
Other High Gravity4Christmas Beers4
Specialty Beers4Saisons2


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Update on this Awesome Yeast

By: rheikaus | Date: Sep., 8th 2015 | Beer(s) Brewed: Saison

After tasting a bunch of the Ardennes beers, I have found that this yeast is, or is most similar to, the Fantome yeast. Saisons are what this yeast excels at, imparting sweet aroma and flavor, yet consuming all fermentables. I step mash like the Belgians, don't overwhelm the yeast with too much hops, and let it do its thing.

There is a signature cidery note in it's sweetness, which is really nice. It's hard to beat this yeast for attenuation and toughness. I repitch this yeast all the time with great results.

I love this yeast!

By: rheikaus | Date: Jan., 12th 2014 | Beer(s) Brewed: Summer Ale, Dubbel, Tripel

I have been re-pitching this yeast for about a year and have loved it since the beginning. I bought it when my local brew shop was out of 500, and was very surprised by the high attenuation the first tripel (1.006 FG). After tasting, I realized that I did not have an infection, but this yeast is just incredibly attenuative.

I have brewed summer ales, dubbels, and tripels with this yeast, and while it remains similar in all beers, it is different enough in all of them that you wouldn't think it's the same yeast. My most recent tripel had an OG of 1.084, and FG of 1.006. I have done most of my fermentation warm, at 70F all the way up to 80F. This tends to produce a Saison-type profile.

When bottle aged, this yeast keeps improving radically. Spicy dryness and rose petals replace the fruit profile in the younger beer after about 12 weeks. Can't wait to see what it does to this tripel.

Huge attenuation

By: Cory A. | Date: Sep., 19th 2013 | Beer(s) Brewed: Belgian Golden Strong

Pitched this right out of the vial on to 11 gallons of an OG 1.074. I started it at 67 degrees and raised it 1 degree everyday until 74 degrees. FG came out at 1.001. Apparent attenuation 98%. Very impressive strain.

... I love this yeast!

By: BrewJay | Date: Nov., 26th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Belgian Dark Strong Ale

This yeast is very impressive. I pitched 2 vials in a 2000ml yeast starter (on stir plate) and pitched this starter 24 hrs later into an OG1.103 at 62 degrees with pure O2 for 2min. Fermentation started within 6 hrs at 60 degrees due to a malfunction of my fermentation chamber. Fermentation was vigorous at 62 Degrees. I let the beer come up to and held the beer a 68 for 3 days and ramped up to 75 after fermentation began to slow. SG 1.015 in 5 days. The spiciness and esters are quite balanced but definitely there. Less spiciness than WLP568. I will be using this for all my dark strong and triple ales. Glad this is available year-round because I love this yeast!

Belgian characteristic is very strong ...

By: Kirk | Date: Nov., 26th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Belgian Dark Strong Ale

I used this strain to brew my Dark Strong ale. OG was 1.073 and FG was 1.004 at 9.4% alcohol. Finished beer has plenty of sweetness and a slightly fruity but dry finish. Turned out very well and I'm glad this will now be available year round. Belgian characteristic is extremely apparent and I will definitely brew with this strain again.

It has great flavor ...

By: Joshua Mann | Date: Nov., 26th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Single (specialty), Belgian Blond, Belgian Dubbel, Belgian Trippel

I really like this strain. By top cropping the strain from a Belgian single it's now on generation #6. I start fermentation low at 62F and let it naturally rise. The last 25% of fermentation I supply extra heat to maintain 72F. It has a great flavor, more phenolic in flavor with some fruit, but a very even fruit to phenolic aroma that is great for any Belgian style ale. This is a high attenuating strain as well. For example, with a low initial mash temp of 148 for 45 minutes, 10 minutes at 155, and a mash out at 165: Single: OG 1.041, FG 1.007 Dubbel: OG 1.065, FG 1.010 Tripel: OG 1.077, FG 1.008 Each has a wonderful pilsner malt sweetness, and a dry finish. I wish this was available year round. I prefer it over 500, 530, and 550. I'd buy a vial every other month.

Wow what a fantastic yeast..

By: nyleng | Date: Nov., 26th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Belgian Dark Strong

Wow what a fantastic yeast -- PLEASE MAKE THIS AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND! Brewed a dark strong with my brewing partner using a recipe I have been working on for a couple years now. OG 1.93, FG 1.015 -- apparent attenuation of 82.8%, real attenuation 67.8%, 10.5 ABV. Primary took about a week, starting at 68 and raising a degree a day over four days to 72 starting 2/3 through primary. The result is an amazing brew that recently won a pro-am competition -- less spicy phenol and hot fusel production than WLP550, creating a more balanced beer. Emphasizes dark fruity esters -- raisins, dates, plums -- and dark malt. Spice is still there but in balance. 6 months have conditioning have smoothed out the brew beautifully and brought out sherry/wine like notes I couldn't achieve with WLP550. I am begging you to make this a year 'round yeast!

Finishes spicy..

By: Jimmy | Date: Nov., 26th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Specialty

9 degree Blond to 10% in 6 days with proper pitch rate. Finishes spicy with not a hint of alcohol until it hits your tummy. Take this gem off the seasonal list. I'd like more today!

... seemed very promising

By: anonymous | Date: Nov., 26th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Tripel

Yeast seemed very promising, A lot like the 550 but I also came out with a little diacetyl in the back of the nose. OG 20 plato started at 64 degrees, let it rise to 72, finished at 3 plato after 5 days. I let it sit 2 more days to get the FG to 2.8 plato and then started my cooling regimen.

a very nice beer....

By: Sean Billings | Date: Nov., 23rd 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Strong Dark Belgian

Did a Strong Dark Belgian, OG: 1.084. All grain, with about 10% of the fermentables coming from sugar. It ended up at 1.004, which was a lot lower than I had bargained for. Make sure you take the low residual sugars into consideration when calculating how much to bitter your beer. I ended up with it being on the bitter side of balanced, which is not what I was shooting for. It's still a very nice beer, but it's not the wife pleaser it was supposed to be.

Fantastic yeast! I used this yeast in my golden strong ale

By: Michael | Date: Oct., 29th 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Fantastic yeast! I used this yeast in my golden strong ale, it started at 1.085 and finished at 1.007 for 91% attenuation and 10.3% ABV. I fermented at a fairly constant 68F, though the second night it crept up to 73F, and the beer finished after 2 1/2 weeks in the primary. The aroma and flavor is a mix of fruit esters (banana?) and spicy phenols that blend perfectly with the late hops I used (saphir). There is a bit of alcohol bite that shou! ld mellow with a few more weeks of ageing. I will definitely use this yeast again.

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Optimum Ferment Temp.66-72°F

Alcohol ToleranceHigh