WLP661 Pediococcus damnosus

Pediococcus damnosus is a cocci bacteria known for its souring capabilities by producing lactic acid. Perfect to add to any sour program. High diacetyl producer and slow growing.   

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Sour Beer 100% Brett Fermentation

By: Scott | Date: Feb., 8th 2016 | Beer(s) Brewed: American Sour

We brewed a 100% Brett sour beer with WLP645 Brett C and WLP661 Pedio following the Rare Barrel method. I made a 3-stage starter with the Brett in order to get up to typical sacc pitching rates and also made a starter with the pedio. We pitched both starters directly into the primary (no sacc or lacto), racked into a 5-gal glass carboy after a two-week primary, and aged for a year. The SG was 1.050 and FG 1.005. The beer turned out surprisingly clean tasting. The Brett C did a good job cleaning up any diacetyl that the Pedio created during its fermentation. There is a slight Belgiany-type yeast flavor from the Brett C, but no “funk”. The pedio gave the beer a mild lactic sourness, the deep and complex type of sour that is felt on the back edges of the tongue. I would classify the intensity of sourness as low-medium. It took the Pedio about 6 months before any sourness could be detected on the palate. I actually wish that the final beer was a bit more sour. We also split the batch and aged portions of it on fruit, which turned out delicious.

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Optimum Ferment Temp.70-75°

Alcohol ToleranceMedium-high