White Labs Brewing Co.

In 2015, White Labs invested in a four-vessel brewhouse that provides wort to propagate our yeast cultures, as well as supply beer for our San Diego Tasting Room and White Labs Kitchen & Tap.

Unlike most commercial breweries, White Labs Brewing Co. has smaller fermenters than brewhouse. By using six hectoliter (5 bbl) fermenters, we divide the same wort base into smaller batches and ferment it using different yeast strains. With the unique brewing system, White Labs Brewing Co. gives patrons the unique opportunity to visit our tasting rooms and experience how much yeast impacts the complexity and overall profile of beer.

Our brewhouse allows us to use our yeast strains and gather data firsthand. The data is published here as an open source for the brewing community. We take pride in providing our professional and homebrewing customers on strain usability and attributes to further their fermentation knowledge.  

Want a firsthand look at our brewhouse? Stop by our San Diego Tasting Room for one of our daily tours. 

Monday - Thursday: 5 p.m.  
Friday & Saturday: 1 & 3 p.m.
Sunday: 3 p.m.