Behold...Yeastman 2.0

Our team has been working hard to update Yeastman to make your online ordering experience faster and more efficient. We designed it to match our mobile app, so you’ll see the same improved navigation, graphics, and content in every section of the website as you do on our app. Check out what else is new below.


In addition to using our calculator to help determine appropriate pitch rates, looking up QC data and finding up-to-the-minute yeast availability, homebrewers can now search by style to determine ideal yeast strain options for their brew...all without logging in or creating an account!


The updated Yeastman website makes it easier for you to order the yeast your customers want. Much like the app, we modified the yeast strain product pages to make it easy to add multiple homebrew packages to an order. We also enhanced yeast availability information to improve on-time delivery.


Professionals will see the most changes with the updated website, including:

  • Rebuilt from the ground up to improve speed and performance.

  • Fast ordering (under 30 seconds for experienced users, even less when using the “re-order” function).

  • Improved user interface - you can now edit most details related to your account, quickly view tracking numbers, and adjust shipping methods and ship dates.

  • Search by products, as well as beer styles, wine or distilling to find the ideal strain.

  • Quickly view to see which strains have cleared QC and are available for fast shipping from each White Labs production facility.

  • Enhanced Custom Culture Calculator shows the ideal number of packages of White Labs yeast depending on batch size, fermentation temperature and gravity.

We want to hear from you

These changes were made with your feedback in mind. Please continue to let us know what you would like to see in future updates and how we can make your online purchasing experience more enjoyable.

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