Join Us on National Beer Day for A Virtual Beer Collaboration

To help connect, educate and engage our community during this difficult time, White Labs is celebrating National Beer Day on April 7 with a virtual collaboration brew featuring a Pre-Prohibition Porter recipe developed by those in our White Labs community. Brewers from around the world are invited to join a Virtual Cheers Webcast to kick off our brew day, ask questions and connect with other brewers.

The idea for a collaboration brew was sparked when home and pro brewer Ean Fakan of Bad Tom Smith Brewing in Cleveland and Cincinnati connected with Richard Marraccini with White Labs Brew Company of Asheville, North Carolina via Instagram after Ean attended White Labs’ free Wednesday Webcast on March 25. The webcast inspired Ean and White Labs to virtually collaborate on a new beer recipe.

National Beer Day was first held on April 7, 1933 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the Cullen-Harrison Act on March 22 of that year. This act repealed prohibition for beer and on April 7, people could once again buy, sell and consume beer. Beer drinkers took the act seriously and on April 7, 1933, the first National Beer Day, Americans consumed 1.5 million barrels of legal beer and ale.

Ean and Richard’s recipe is based on the historical pre-prohibition brewing style that the Beer Judge Certification Program recognizes as “Pre-Prohibition Porter” (P-PP). The Smithsonian provides access to George Washington and Benjamin Franklin’s diaries with their P-PP recipes, and Ean and Richard combined Washington and Franklin’s recipes to preserve historically accurate characteristics.

So, what makes the brew a true P-PP? The recipe boasts molasses since it was a common ingredient at the time and it’s the primary ingredient in Washington’s recipe. Molasses boosts the gravity and provides some roastiness and bittering. Franklin’s recipe added more flavorful specialty malts that were commonly available during that time period. Cluster hops also have origins dating back to the 1800s in the U.S. This recipe is our way of celebrating National Beer Day, our country’s brewing heritage and our incredible brewing community.

"White Labs launched our weekly Wednesday Webcast series to support the industry during this challenging time,” said Chris White, president, founder and CEO of White Labs. “Never did I think it would connect us in a way that would lead to a project like this. It’s amazing to see, that in a time of crisis, the positive impact of social media can keep our industry of home and commercial brewers connected."

Get the Pre-Prohibition Porter Recipe below and sign up to join White Labs on April 7 at 3:00PM EST to celebrate National Beer Day and our vibrant brewing community.

Join us on April 7th at 3:00PM EST by registering here!

For the recipe, please visit here



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